Sunday, August 9, 2009

Waiting for Godot

As preface to this post, I have to mention again that I have a sweet gorgous baby -- he's easygoing, healthy, and only complains when he has to have his clothing changed. Poor little guy doesn't like to be naked yet, although if he takes after daddy, that will soon change. Caring for him has been easy, and Adam and I have developed a routine that lets both of us sleep for 5 or 6 hours, so neither of us feels too sleep deprived.

And, I should also say that it isn't like we're in a 3x3 cell. We have two TVs, a kitchen, room service, laundry service, free internet, a gym, and a restaurant that delivers to our hotel. We've had contact with other IPs and feel very lucky to have Amit as not just our travel advisor but also a friend.

I'm reading a wonderful book, What is the What, by Dave Eggers, based on the real-life story of one of the "Lost Boys" of Sudan after suffering horrible deprivations for 10 years in Africa. It certainly puts things into perspective and I realize that we're not suffering. (it is also extremely well written and I highly recommend it just for the way the story is told.) I also know that there are millions of people just beyond my window who have lives that they would trade in an instant if they could hang out in this hotel apartment instead of us. I know that in a week or so, we'll be back in our beautiful, sun-filled home in Denver with this gorgous baby and our friends and family around us, and we'll probably miss being able to call room service to make up our room, wash the floor, bring us fluffy towels, and change the sheets on our bed.

But, this waiting is really hard psychologically. I woke up feeling quite depressed with my stomach in knots; it feels like we're in some Groundhog Day-like dream (sorry to mix my literary and pop culture references) where it is a new day every day that's exactly like the one before. Some phone calls to good friends Elana and Cynthia helped a bit, and I'm sure I'll feel better once I get to the gym after Adam comes back.

I just gave Micah his first real bath (all by myself!), and it made me feel very competant that I didn't drown my kid. He liked the warm water, and I can't wait to try out the Baby Bucket bathtub from friends Bonnie and David. Now he's all snuggled up in a fleece snugglie that's on loan from friends Jill and Joel and grunting softly in his bassinet as he tries to fall asleep for the late-mid-morning nap (or is this the early-afternnon nap?) So many people are with us on this journey, whether by phone, comments on the blog, e-mails, etc. Please know that we really value your notes and encouragement; it really means the world to us right now.

Postscript #1: Adam continues to lobby to change Micah's middle name. I think Gobi, Ghandi, and Ganja have been suggested. I might have to lobby for Godot ....

Postscript #2: Our birth certificate apparently is ready to be picked up tomorrow. Next steps are to get the DNA results, then the US embassy needs 24 hours to make a passport, then we have to go to an Indian government office called the FRRO with our passport & plane tickets. It is beginning to sound like we won't be able to go until Monday, but still, the end is in sight.....


  1. I LOVE Micah's name (just my 2 cents!). And I'm loving reading about his first few days. thanks so much for sharing your experience. It sounds like you guys are doing great, getting to know each other, getting overwhelmed...welcome to parenthood! I hope you'll all be back home soon, and I look forward to hearing about the trip!

  2. You guys are almost on your way home - excitement plus!