Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Good Does It Feel to Be Home?

Complaints have been lodged with the management of Baby Masala that full due coverage has not been given to our homecoming. Therefore, I bring you these scenes of our happy airport greeting from Grandma Judy and Grandpa Ivan, taken by proud honorary-aunt Elana. Great Aunt Jackie, and cousins Rachel and Sarah were our first visitors at home, arriving about half an hour after we did. Cousin Rachel and Grandma Judy have been back several times to help babysit while we caught up on sleep we missed during our 40 hours of travel. We've also had visits from cousin Gloria, friends Mark and January with their little ones Matteo and Viviana. And, we've taken a few walks in the neighborhood where, it seems, baby attracts other babies: we've met three neighbors who all have had babies in the last 2-5 months.

Seriously, it is awesome to be home. We're loving the Colorado sunlight, dry air, and warm fall-feeling days, and luxuriating in our comfortable house and quiet green neighborhood. We're so grateful to have so many friends and family around us -- nearly 60 adults and a dozen kids have been invited to Micah's bris on August 30 (If you live in the Front Range and we've somehow missed sending you an invitation, please let me know -- you're invited!) Micah is loving his room, and sleeps alone in his crib without complaint. We've had one fussy night of gas pains followed by general "I'm too tired to sleep" crankiness, but otherwise he's just a doll.


  1. AWESOME news Steph! It is wonderful to have so much family and friends to share him with....we need pics of his room now :) so we can know why he's so good in it.

    Enjoy "mommyhood" hun, wonderful pics.

  2. Thanks for keeping the posting up guys...Looks like you have plenty of family & friend support. Bliss!

    Johnny & Darren