Thursday, December 17, 2009

5 Month Pix

New photo of Micah to go along with our 5-month post. Photo is taken by Micah's honorary auntie/girlfriend Elana, and in it he's modeling a cute new outfit from dear friend Lore, who is coming to visit in January. He's bundled up because we made an unexpected shopping outing. As you can see, he's still rocking his baby blues.... we'll see if it lasts! In the meantime, this outfit is perfect for complimenting them.

By popular demand, a 5-month pix of Micah taken by his honorary aunty/girlfriend Elana.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Can it be? 5 months already!

Adam says that this has been the longest 5 months of his life, but I think that's because he's wishing Micah would hurry up and DO more. Me, I'm enjoying watching each little change, and am in no hurry. As a friend who was chasing after his 2 year old recently commented, "mobility and object permanence are overrated."

I think we may have actually hit the beginning of understanding object permanence just within the last few days, as Micah has now started to complain when left alone for too long, only to turn off the tears as soon as we turn our attention back to him.

Also just in the last two days, his hands have found each other. For some reason, this absolutely slays me when I see his little fingers interlaced together as if he's solving Fermat's last theorem. I have to get a photo of those little hands. Speaking of hands, we're starting baby sign language now, so if you see the two idiots loudly talking about MILK while making cow-milking motions, that will be us. Hopefully my commitment to baby signing will last longer than my commitment to cloth diapers did! And speaking of milk, we're seeing a lot of it go in and quite a lot of it drool, dribble, and project itself forcefully out. I knew when you had a baby that you do lots of laundry, but I never really realized that it was the adult clothing that needed so much washing! Now I see why!

Everything is now getting put in the mouth, with an special fondness for mommy's hands during bathtime. Of course, as soon as the hands started going in the mouth, he picked up a little cold, and has been coughing quite a lot and sleeping a bit more than usual. We won't complain about the latter! Micah remains a good sleeper, calming down as soon as we've finished swaddling him and going to sleep without a complaint. He continues to sleep from about 7:30 pm to 4:30 or 5 am, and can sometimes be pursuaded to go back to sleep until 6. He wakes up alert and interested in seeing what's going to happen, but is ready for a nap from 8-10 and then again around 12. He is still taking a late afternoon nap as well, around 4:30 or so, although sometimes that gets interrupted by day care pick-up. His naps at day care get a little more interrupted by the other kids, but overall he's doing great there.

At his last check-up, Micah was over 14 pounds, and is in the 55th percentile for length, the 35th percentile for weight, and the 1st percentile for head circumference! The doctor says that as long as his head is growing and his development is normal that it isn't something we should worry aobut -- someone has to be in the 1st percentile.... Micah is already working very hard at standing up. He enjoyes being held up so that he can practice putting weight on his legs, and I'd almost guess that he'll stand before he crawls. He's got great neck strength and just started to get the hang of his bouncy swing.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Light one little candle....

Baby's first Chanukkah is not quite as momentous for Jews as baby's first Christmas is for Christians. But, we had a fun and festive holiday, thanks to a visit from Aunt Andrea, Uncle Steven, and cousins Olivia and Ben. The whole michpocha were over, and I think we had 6 menorahs lit. There were sweet potato latkes, regular latkes, vegetable stew, a roast chicken, and homemade challah. Since the food theme of chanukkah using fried food to commemorate the miracle of lamp oil that remained lit for 8 days when there was only enough oil for one day, we thought that we'd fuse a bit of India into our family traditions by making hanukkah pakoras. In a bit of supreme irony, we didn't have enough oil to make them! We'll have to try again next year, when Micah might actually be able to eat them! Thanks to a wonderful website I found of recipes from India's jewish community, we'll be trying to integrate Indian food into many of our Jewish holidays (hey, I might even use it as an excuse to eat rice during Passover!)

First night of chanukkah....
Cousin Olivia modeling her rock-star look.
Adam starts a new holiday tradition and demonstrates a bad habit for cousin Ben -- the whipped cream squirt
Micah models his new chanukah yamulke, made on the spot by Great aunt Jackie.
Helping mommy open up a present.

Friday, December 4, 2009

While mommy's away...

On my first trip to Boston since BB (Before Baby). I felt like it was important to go... to see my co-workers face-to-face for the first time in 6 months, to reconnect with friends, and to talk to a real estate agent about selling my Cambridge pad (boo hoo!!!). I am missing my little guy so much (and his daddy, too!) but it is wonderful to know that he's in the good hands of his grandparents and daddy (and starting tomorrow, his Aunt Andrea, too!) I'll be home early Sunday morning and it will be fun to see how much he's changed in 5 days, which sounds funny to say but at this stage it is true.

In case I wasn't feeling guilty enough about leaving, I went to a play with friends the other night and it turned out that it was kind of a contemporary Alice-in-Wonderland story about a mother running away from her family of two little boys for 20 years. I was definitely a little uncomfortable through the whole play, and kept hoping she was going to wake up and find that the whole surreal adventure she had was a dream. But no, in the last scene she had become a psychiatrist practicing in Alaska under a new name and her (now adult) son came for an appointment to get some sleeping pills because it was the time of year when his mother disappeared!

Yes, Micah, I'll be back on Sunday, I promise.

Seriously, as much as I've enjoyed the uninterrupted sleep (and yes, I really have enjoyed it!) this trip was important for me to remember a bit more of who I am in Boston so I can try to bring a bit of that person back to Denver with me. I like who I am here so much more than Denver -- a city girl who is out and about on the town, independent, experimental, with a huge network of old friends, a congregation I fit into perfectly, and a town and state that I love to my very bones. I just don't know how to bring her to Denver, where I have a house in the borning suburbs, no connection to the landscape, and a job that doesn't even require me to get out of my pajamas in the morning.

Of course most of my conversations here have been showing off pictures of my beautiful baby. I feel very lucky I'm somehow managed to have it all -- to live in both Boston and Denver, to have new friends but keep the old; to be a city girl and a suburban mom at the same time. So it goes, and so I'll happily go back to being Denver Stephanie on Sunday.

But I sure will enjoy two more nights of sleep first!!!!