Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wheres I Goin'?

For the last few months, as soon as Micah wakes up from sleep or nap, or when we pick him up from daycare, his first question is, "Wheres I goin'?" It is a sure sign that he's trying to make sense of the world around him, to detect patterns and understand why he goes to school some days but gets to play with mommy and daddy all day on others. He wants to understand where everyone who is important to him is at a give moment. If mommy picks him up from daycare, he wants to know where daddy is, and vice versa. It reminds me how very confusing it must be to be a 2-year-old, with no way of predicting what is going to happen to you next.
That's why I know we're going to blow our little boy's mind when we move homes later this month. Like many out there with toddlers, our house suddenly isn't quite big enough for all the toys, blocks, cars, and games, and it is time to move before someone gets hurt..... Of course, I think Adam is completely deluding himself in thinking that when we have a finished basement, the toys will be confined there. But there are other reasons for the move, including a better elementary school, more space for all of us, and fewer home improvement projects for Adam. Oh, and grandma will be just half a mile away. Think Micah will probably be walking there himself by the end of the summer, since grandma is his favorite person in the world (hi, mom!)
Moving with a toddler, is there anything scarier (OK, Ed and Paul, moving with THREE toddlers is way scarier.) But how can my husband claim, with a straight face, that we have the same amount of stuff that we did when we moved 5 years ago sans child, sans home office suite, sans 100 lb glass dining table, etc? The next 3 weeks are bound to be stressful as we try to pack and maintain some normalicy for Micah. As for me, I'm sad to be leaving our cool mid-century mod ranch for a more conventional (but beautifully modernized!) suburban house, but I trust that the next 5 years will build as many happy memories as we've built in this house.