Saturday, December 12, 2009

Light one little candle....

Baby's first Chanukkah is not quite as momentous for Jews as baby's first Christmas is for Christians. But, we had a fun and festive holiday, thanks to a visit from Aunt Andrea, Uncle Steven, and cousins Olivia and Ben. The whole michpocha were over, and I think we had 6 menorahs lit. There were sweet potato latkes, regular latkes, vegetable stew, a roast chicken, and homemade challah. Since the food theme of chanukkah using fried food to commemorate the miracle of lamp oil that remained lit for 8 days when there was only enough oil for one day, we thought that we'd fuse a bit of India into our family traditions by making hanukkah pakoras. In a bit of supreme irony, we didn't have enough oil to make them! We'll have to try again next year, when Micah might actually be able to eat them! Thanks to a wonderful website I found of recipes from India's jewish community, we'll be trying to integrate Indian food into many of our Jewish holidays (hey, I might even use it as an excuse to eat rice during Passover!)

First night of chanukkah....
Cousin Olivia modeling her rock-star look.
Adam starts a new holiday tradition and demonstrates a bad habit for cousin Ben -- the whipped cream squirt
Micah models his new chanukah yamulke, made on the spot by Great aunt Jackie.
Helping mommy open up a present.

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