Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our first visitors

Today Micah was delighted to welcome his first visitors -- Nik from Australia, who is expecting twins in the next few weeks (Lisa, get here soon!), and Kerrie and Mark from Canada. It is really wonderful to meet all these people whose stories I've been following for the last year, ever since we first started this surrogacy adventure. We're also hoping to meet several other intended parents and new parents who are scattered at other hotels in Mumbai.
Micah continues to grow and change before our eyes. The swelling across the bridge of his nose is going down a little bit and his eyes are getting more alert and focused. Yesterday when we put him under the warming bed naked, his flailing hands surprised him, today he seems to have more confidence. His neck and back muscles are getting stronger by the minute, and he'll be ready to go to the hotel gym at the VITS with Daddy. Meanwhile, mommy and daddy are becoming sluggish, deconditioned, and dehydrated from spending 4 days in our rooms!
We're also seeing more and more resembolence to Adam, to the point where the other day, we joked that we should get a DNA test to find out if we actually had an Indian ED!
If and when the pediatrician shows up this afternoon, we're planning to essentially discharge ourselves and get the heck out of here. Next stop: a real bed!
Pictured above: Nik (top), Mark, Kerrie and me, our improved solution to the UV protection problem, and an opened-eyed photo of Micah.


  1. Look at those big eyes! I can definitely see Adam in him.

    Welcome to the world, Mikah!


  2. He's just beautiful! Rachel has announced his arrival on her facebook page, and is eagerly awaiting photos of tiny fingers and toes. (She may be ready to move in with you when you get home!) We love the eyes-open photo.

  3. Gorgeous baby! He is so lucky to have such loving parents who will guide him as he grows into adulthood. Good job to both of you. Someday we will all sit back and have a huge party and reminisce on the long and crazy road we have taken to bring these little tykes into the world. It has been quite a journey for all of us.


  4. Stephanie and Adam,
    Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your journey, and to spend time with your wonderful family. I hope young Mikah and the both of you guys have such a wonderful life together.

    Once again, thank you


  5. What bright eyes! So alert and attentive. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  6. My goodness..he is so beautiful! Mazel Tov Mazel Tov Mazel Tov!!! I am soooo happy for you both and can't wait to meet beautiful Micah when you bring him home to Denver. Rose is looking forward to meeting her newest playmate. Love Jill and the Asrael Family