Friday, August 7, 2009

From Micah

Oooh, loud noises again. That must be Daddy watching that flat box on the wall again. Sounds like it's a Bruce Lee movie; he's also shown me The Matrix and a bunch of other violent movies. Mommy doesn't like me being exposed to those movies, but Daddy tells her I don't understand them yet. What, does he think that just because my eyes don't open for very long that I can't tell a bad movie when I hear one?

I think I'll practice making squinty faces for a while. Maybe I'll use every muscle in my face to yawn. Mommy and daddy seem to enjoy watching me make faces, even when I'm having what Mommy calls a party in my pants. Can they give a guy a little privacy, maybe a New Yorker to read while I'm doing that? I hate it when they have to unwrap me to clean up after the party, too -- I'm kind of embarassed at how skinny my legs are, and they get cold quickly.

Other than that, I'm doing pretty good. My big news today was that my umbilical cord fell off! I'm pretty excited, although now mommy is threatening to make me start doing tummy time, which I heard is bad. Daddy is already trying to get me to work on my triceps, though, so I guess I'd better get started training.

These folks feed me pretty regularly, and I'm drinking about 13 ounces a day now. I can tell that mommy has a harder time getting the bottle in at 2:30 when I wake up for my snack -- I keep telling her she needs to open her eyes, but she doesn't listen to me. Mommy usually stays on the couch with me until that feeding, then Daddy takes over while mommy gets some sleep.

Tonight, Mommy and Daddy discovered a restaurant that will deliver food to our hotel, so they're very well fed as well!

When they're both awake, Mommy and Daddy spend a lot of time looking at me. I must say that I'm looking pretty good, even though I still have a shiner and some other bruises on my face from the delivery, but I've been having pretty good hair days lately. I wish Daddy would stop poking at my ears, hoping that they don't pop away from my skull, and that mommy would stop fussing over the big bump on my nose. They told me a joke about a mommy and a daddy who both had their noses fixed and were surprised to have a baby with a big nose, but I don't get it. Daddy has started calling me "Hawk" and Mommy sometimes calls me "Little Bird," particularly when I'm in the sling and starting to root for food.

I thought I'd show you some pictues of the room I'm staying in, including my bed (thanks, Ilona!), Daddy reading near my changing table, me modeling a cute outfit that my cousins Rachel and Sarah wore when they were little, and the kitchen where my bottles get sterilized. I've also included a funny picture that Mommy and Daddy took when they were trying to get me to pose for my passport photo.
Gotta go for now; I think it is time for another long nap!


  1. Oooh, I just discovered I can post comments here instead of e-mailing you separately--I'm quickly joining you in the 21st Century! Beautiful baby pictures and now I see why you write for a living. Hang in there--you'll be home soon. Can't wait to meet Micah. Julie

  2. Nice to hear a few words from Micah - I agree with him about the loud/bad movies! ;-)

  3. Micah looks exactly like Adam in that first of this grouping. Just figured out how to get into this blog. Mazel Tov. Welcome home. You probably will be here by the time you read this. Looking forward to meeting the boy. Ceil and Bill