Sunday, August 23, 2009

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

A bit more fussiness has set in, for both Micah and his parents. Some of it seems to be gas related -- we're mixing in a little human milk purchased from the Milk Bank with his formula, and that seems to be harder on his digestive system -- and some of it might be from more stimulation during the day (anything would be more stimulating than our 2 weeks in a hotel room!)

We've got a system that's working for us as far as sleep goes: I stay up with Micah through the 1:30 feeding, dozing in the guest room between the 10 pm feeding and the 1:30ish feeding, then sometime between 1:30 and 3:30, Adam and I switch places and he takes over until I wake up. Adam, who often has to wake up at 4 am during the school year, has a harder time going back to sleep once he's awake at 3 am, so he usually needs a mid-morning nap. Micah usually goes back to sleep after each feeding, but today he fussed quite a lot during Adam's shift. Right now, he's having his morning nap in my lap because he couldn't seem to get settled anywhere else, and Daddy is having his nap as well.

We're scheduled to go Target for some "oh, isn't he cute and dinky" photos, and I especially want a few ones of Naked Micah with Daddy's Big Muscles, but I wonder whether we're up for it. The Target photographer said to bring him even if he's sleeping, but she didn't say what to do if Daddy was sleeping too! He's much harder to carry into the store while sleeping.....


  1. Hey Stephanie-
    Glad it's all worked out and you guys are home safe and sound. Again, Mazel Tov for little Micah and we wish you all well with the brit coming up. I'm trying to read some back story, but would love to talk if you ever have a moment. Write me off-blog if you want: steven.goldstein at
    Again, all the best.

  2. Stephanie,

    Enfamil Gentelease might help with the gassiness. Eva was the same way and when we switched her to Gentelease, she has done 200% better.

    Mike A.