Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fun at home

Future babysitter Samantha R.

Sushi tries to figure out this strange new addition to the household -- not sure if he's more curious about the baby or the baby gym....

Adam steals one of Micah's recent gifts for himself

"Little tree frog" challah from Micah's first shabbat at home... this will be reprised at his bris.

This one is for Elana.... comparison shot of Micah vs. the giant zucchini. Micah wins on length, but I think the zucchini outweighed him.
Coming up later today.... I will post photos from today's professional photo session. For two non-photogenic people, we took some nice shots, and Micah was surprisingly wide awake and calm through the whole thing, even allowing us to keep him naked for half an hour, though the photographer's backdrop paid the price for that one.

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