Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Micah's Anne Geddes Moment

Are we having fun yet? You betcha!!!

Micah saw his doctor for the first time yesterday. He's gained a full pound in less than 3 weeks (that's like someone who weighs 150 lbs gaining 30 pounds in 3 weeks!!!) He weighs a little more than the humongous zucchinis we found in our back yard (forgot to tell the house-sitters to check the harvest.) We found out that he measures 20"long. All signs point to a very healthy baby!


  1. love the look on his face! "Mom - what are you doing?"

  2. Micah, You are so adorable! Looks like you are well-loved and cared for. Steph, we love the picture, too, of Micah staring into your eyes (from a few days ago?).

    Glad to hear that you are home already - I'm tempted to say that this was all so easy, but that's because I'm sitting in this air-conditioned room as I read your blog.

    Congratulations! Paula and Bob

  3. Oh guys I just love the photo! What a great moment to be home with your baby boy.....

    Mazel tov

  4. LOVE IT!!! I think he's taking after the kitties and looking at squirrels! (Those darn house-sitters!)

    ;- )


  5. He is just too cute and I see Adam in him.

  6. Welcome Home! Micah is SO cute...enjoy!