Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nesting; tired and grateful

Spent the whole evening re-arranging the house so I could bring some order to the baby's room. And still, there's a huge pile of clothing to be sorted and put away. Looking around at all the stuff we've acquired in the last week, I was amazed: we went from being totally unprepared to an outfitted nursery, thanks to the generocity of our friends and relatives. We are so grateful to everyone who has helped supply us with so much fun stuff. Cousins on the Kaminsky side have outfitted us with a crib, high chair, and fun toys; Cousin Kerri & family arrived at our house with a minivan full of toys, playyard, and more. I'll try to post a picture of the nursery in a few days when we can see the floor again.

Today also marked a major step in our preparation: we bought a "travel system" of infant carrier, stroller, and two car bases -- the same model we were going to buy new for $300 -- from Craigslist for only $100. All we need to do is to install those babies into our cars and we're officially good to go.

And the clothes! Our baby had better stay 3 months old for at least 6 months to make sure he or she gets to wear all the clothing we have! that is, unless he or she wants to wear a color other than yellow or green. I'm sure there will be gender-identifiable clothing we'll have to pick up as soon as we know what we've got in the gender department.

Speaking of, although its beginning to look like we're having a boy -- the playyard, travel system, feeding seat, etc are all blues and tans -- we really haven't a clue. Our surro thinks it is a boy, so I've been thinking that way too, and I realized today that I'm really OK with having a boy, even though I've been hoping all along for a girl (maybe hearing the stories of niece Natasha's strong moods helped nudge me along that path!)

Anyway, the baby's suitcase is now started, just need to go stock up on some bottles and formula, and I think we'll officially be ready to leave the country! 3 weeks and a day to go!


  1. It was wonderful to read your thoughts along the process, particularly about your feelings through the struggle for a baby that are harder to talk about. Nice to hear how super-organized you are for the baby's arrival. Once you get back from India and settle into a routine (I know hard to imagine), maybe you'll figure out what you might be missing. So those of us who knew you'd be getting tons from relatives, can contribute something useful.

  2. Steph-

    I am so excited for you and Adam. I want to call and talk to you (I'm too old school for the blog thing) but I realize that I don't somehow have your Colorado address and phone number. Could you e-mail them to me?

    I think it is wonderful that you two are becoming parents. You will be superb at it! We also want to send the baby a gift. I know exactly what I want to send, but I need the address. I know you must have sent it to me, but I can't find it anywhere.