Thursday, July 23, 2009


  • Bookshelves: original Krisana Park kitchen cabinents from a neighbor's house, painted by Adam and added legs: $54
  • Books and toys in bookshelf, gifts and hand-me-downs from our wonderful Denver family
  • Curtains lovingly sewn by Grandma Judy: $48
  • Artwork: Embroidery alphabet sampler made by Stephanie in 1978 and 2008 Indian Hamsa print by Mike & Mike: $60 for print, $130 for framing
  • Batik print that Adam designed and had made in Malaysia, used as our chuppah, $75
  • Rocking chair from Adam's house in Providence, repainted by Stephanie with 3 coats of spray paint, $32
  • Armoire bought unfinished in Providence, repainted by Stephanie with 4 coats of white paint, $24
  • Crib: wonderful hand-me-down from Cousin Beth, free
  • Changing table: purchased on Craigslist, $20
  • High-traffic rug from Home Depot, $48
  • Pale peach and roasted squash paint for room, $50
  • Pale green sheets, crib bumper, and changing table pad: gifts from friends

Having a gorgous room to bring our baby home to: PRICELESS!


  1. Looks great Stephanie!!


  2. Stephanie and Adam,

    The room looks beautiful. Deb

  3. Great nursery!

    Am x