Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nothing to worry about

Here's the latest little tidbit of news we've received from our clinic:

Great to hear from you. As mentioned eariler, we are in touch with Dr Soni
and she has confirmed that Rajshree is doing absolutely great and nothign to
worry about. So we havent shifted her to clinic yet. We are hoping to shift
on sunday.
We will then go for another visit on tuesday to Dr Soni,
and you
can join for the same (scan and consultation).
She visited dr
soni today n
these are the details.Pulse: 78/min35-36 weeks by
We will repeat the scan next week. Hope to see you soon.

Of course, I'm doing nothing but worrying. Will she be able to get to the right hospital quickly if something does happen? Does this mean that the baby is now in the right direction for a normal delivery? If so, will we sit around in Mumbai with nothing to do for 2 weeks? Have I packed everything that I need for the baby. Should I repack to have a bag-within-a-bag to take to the hospital so I don't have to arrive at the hospital with 3 huge suitcases? How many bottles should I bring. Is my laptop that isn't working very well fixable, or should I run out and buy a new laptop before we go?

Postscript: laptop is being looked at by my new favorite neighbor, Mark of Myth Systems (he's awesome!), and as it turns out, my worries over imprisoning our surrogate were for naught since she isn't even at the clinic yet. I asked our doctors if she'd be OK in the event of heavy flooding that Mumbai could potentially receive this weekend, and they said that our surrogate lives near one of the clinic's OBs, so she should be OK.


  1. Stephanie - if there is one thing parenthood has taught me, it's that you cannot even imagine the things that will happen...You can plan and plan, but likely something will happen that you don't expect... In terms of bottles, will you have facilities for boiling? If not, you might want to use the kind with the plastic liners and then you will just have to worry about sterilizing the nipples. I think 3-4 bottles is probably enough. New babies don't need a lot, especially in a very warm place: just diapers and t-shirts. Or onesies. I'm enjoying your adventures, and I just know that things will go well, even if not exactly as planned!

  2. Can't wait for your baby arrival announcement! xxx