Thursday, July 30, 2009

Updated Thursday Night: Introducing Micah Gabriel Sacks

(Note: Computer shut down unexpectedly while I was writing this, so am updating on Thursday night.)
Dear Micah,

You're here! On Tuesday night, we went to sleep not knowing whether you'd be born in one day or a week. The doctors promised that they'd call us to give us an update on Tuesday night, but by Wednesday morning when we woke at 5:3o, we hadn't heard anything, so we headed to the gym to let off some tension. We both had good, sweaty workouts, and came back to the room at around 7:15. No sooner had we walked in the door than we got a call from the doctor that we should be at the hospital in 5 minutes! Well, our hotel was at least 10 minutes from the hospital, so we ran around our hotel room likes chickens with our heads cut off to shower, pack, get our bags down to the front desk, and check out of the hotel. Not to mention that Daddy Adam can't have a 2 hour workout without a meal afterwards! So we didn't get to meet you until you were a whole hour old.
You were born at 7:29 am on 7/29/09! You weighed 5 lbs, 11 oz; we don't know how long you were because you were all bundled up like a little pea in a pod. You have a round face, a wide nose (we apologize for that one!), lots of reddish dark-brown hair, and light brown eyebrows and eyelashes. Your daddy was relieved to see that your ears lie flat to your head, but keeps adjusting your hat to make sure it stays that way. Your eyes have only been opening when you're not in direct light, but they look like a steely bluish-grey so far. Everyone Indian at the hospital thinks you look like your daddy, but we think its just that your coloring is much lighter than someone Indian. To me, you look a bit like my uncle Mel, which is not actually a surprise, because I thought our egg donor shared some characteristics with that side of my family.
We spend 2 or 3 hours with you in an empty delivery room waiting to get checked into our hospital "suite." Although it is a spacious 2-room, 2 br area, "suite" is far too grand for this room. Everything in the room is vanilla-colored, the bathrooms are spartan, and there's mold everywhere. We can't wait to check out. While it is nice to be able to call the nursing staff for help, we find it difficult to communicate our questions and needs, even though everyone is speaking English. Being here is a bit like being in a fairly nice foreign prison, in which a steady procession of caretakers come and go on a regular basis. Two pediatricians have visited for cursory check-ups, but we haven't gotten much information from them, either, and your Daddy was very frustrated that all possibilities of obtaining human milk were shut down.
Complaining aside (and Micah, you'll find that complaining is something we do fairly well), we're so happy to have you with us. We can't stop admiring how well you turned out, and being amazed that we created you practically through e-mail.
I did get to visit briefly with your surrogate, Rajeshree, as she recovered from the birth. She looked worn out but pleased with herself. We were amazed that she was recouperating just next door to the room we were in while waiting for our suite, and wondered whether she heard our cooing over you and your early cries. I gave her a gold ring that I used to wear in my 20's -- it is very delicate, with a cluster of sapphires and two small diamonds on opposite sides. I explained that it signified that even though we're separated from her across an ocean, we'll always be connected. Unlike a lot of the other surrogates who wear gold earings and noserings, she doesn't seem to wear a lot of gold jewelrey, so we hope she likes it.
The rest of today has been more challenging than yesterday. You are a bit fussier, and suffered from a long case of hiccups at one point, and we're a lot more tired. However, the nursing staff is leaving us alone more now, so we hope tonight will be a bit easier. We can't wait to check out of the hospital and settle in with you to our hotel suite that will have plush towns and won't smell like disinfectant. We hope to make the transfer by mid-day on Friday, although like most things in this process, it will probably require lots of waiting around and difficult-to-understand communication. Our hotel will have free internet access, so we plan to post more updates, although they will probably all sound something like "gee you're cute," "gee, we're tired," and "gee we can't wait to get home."
Speaking of, our appointment with the embassy is next Thursday, 8/6. We won't know whether they'll require a DNA test until we get there; if not, there's a chance we could head home the following week, but if they do, it may take us longer. More on that later.
BTW, if there are any IPs who want more scoop about Hirandani hospital, please send me a private message through the forum.


  1. OMG, look what happens when I have a day off-line - baby announcement!!! He's just gorgeous guys, and I love the name. Enjoy every moment and get out of there asap. I'd suggest you track down Asha (that Mike and Mike had) and get back to The Residence asap. According to other reports I've read, Asha gives you all the lessons that you don't get at the hospital.

    Hopefully I'll see you guys next weekend. Nik arrives at 3am tomorrow (Fri) morning, so I'll get him to track you down.



  2. So do I take it you didn't make it to Agra?

  3. mazal tov! he is beautiful!

  4. Beautiful! Congratulations! So happy for you - what an amazing day!

  5. Mazel Tov!! This is so exciting! He's beautiful.

    Love, Sara

  6. Steph and Adam, I am so happy for you! This is just the beginning of a long and wonderful journey through parenthood.

    Lots of love,
    Terri Perrier

    P.S. Micah looks like Adam :-)

  7. Wow. So excited for all three of you. I hope the rest of your trip is easy and you can get Micah back here to Colorado soon so we can meet him. I could say that we will only provide gender neutral hand me down toys, but you will be amazed that boys really go for the trucks, airplanes, tractors, and car things...even if you give them dolls. We have a lot of both that hopefully Micah will enjoy as he grows!

    Love, Jodi, Michael, Syd, and Josh

  8. Mazel Tov Mommy and Daddy! He's absolutely beautiful, and we can't wait for you to come home!!



  9. Congratulations - beautiful baby!

    Definately hire one of the nurses, the hands-on training you will get will prepare you all for the long journey home and transition.

  10. Mazal tov!!! Gorgeous baby, gorgeous name. I love all the pictures; keep 'em coming. Stephanie, you look like such a natural mommy! The three of you make a beautiful family.

  11. Mazal tov! What a cutie! I'm so happy for you. Welcome to the world, Micah!

    Love, Nicole

  12. Very interesting. Our 9 month old is Gabriel Micah. We didn't get a manual either, but maybe given that they have the same names, the operating directions are the same, or maybe they are reversed.
    Neil & Valarie

  13. Wow!!! It's been a pleasure to read about all your excitement and see all the beautiful pictures. Micah's coloring, hair & face, does make him look like just like one of Stephanie's family already. I got to see Gabriel Micah just a few hours after he was born. I wish I could see your Micah Gabriel soon. I am so happy for all three of you!

    I believe you know that this has been a really tough week for me. It somehow seems fitting that BabyMasala was born the same day as my Shiva service for my dad at my home. Your news has really been the highlight of my week.

    BTW, I weighed about the same as Micah when I was born and I didn't stay small for too long.

    Sending lots of love and hugs...


  14. He is a beautiful boy. Congratulations!

  15. Congratulations guys