Friday, July 24, 2009

Doesn't feel quite real

I've embarked on many airplane trips with the hint that my life might be different when I returned ... setting off alone to view my eventual college choice, Washington University; boarding an international flight alone for the first time to go to study abroad for the year in England; going to Israel on a community mission, to France for a bike trip, and on a singles trip in Costa Rica. But this trip I KNOW that my life will never be the same, and it is having a hard time sinking in. Getting ready for this trip has involved so many different project plans. Creating a baby's room out of a junk room. Assembling suitcases full of all the stuff a baby needs (when I've never really had much experience with babies.) Gathering all the necessary forms and documentation. Preparing to leave work for a month. Preparing to leave home for a month. Preparing to spend a month in a hotel room during monsoon season. Oh, and the fact that a baby is going to be coming home with us? Pretty easy to forget in all that.

And, as Adam pointed out, it's not like we've gotten a lot of evidence of a coming baby. One scan that looked like a baby. One picture of our glowing surrogate. Lots of money transferred out of our bank account, and sporadic e-mails with scant details.

So, baby, ready or not, here we come for you. We know you're going to change our lives, but can't imagine just how completely.


  1. This is totally unscientific, but I bet most new parents have the same feelings. You pack a bag, get in a car, and drive into a new life. It's so weird, isn't it? (Wonderful, too.)

  2. Stephanie
    We're so excited for you both! Hope all goes well in Mumbai. Please keep posted

  3. Stephanie and Adam,

    You guys are going to be wonderful parents. Best of look in your new evidence in life.

  4. Thanks for taking us on this journey with you. Looking forward to "meeting" Baby M.

    LOVE, Love, love