Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Boy

Isn't it this 3-D scan of Micah amazingly close to the real thing! We think his nose looks better in person, though we wonder if it got a bit squashed in the womb. Adam took the 1:30-5:30 am shift tonight -- isn't he the best! -- and so I'm feeling much better now. Fun day of waiting to get discharged from the hospital will ensue.....

This morning (Friday), Micah is opening up his eyes more. We think he's looking around the hospital room trying to decide what color it should be painted, like his Daddy would. His eyes are a still a combination of blue and grey, and we're hoping they take after his Cousin Jacob.

Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments, and for sharing in our excitement. It makes me feel much less alone over here knowing that you're all along for our journey. Still haven't talked to my mom and dad -- they're on a long tour of Italy -- but Micah has heard a lot about them and is looking forward to meeting them!


  1. How fantastic is the likeness from the 4D scan. AMAZING. And keep Adam on all of those ungodly shifts for as long as you can!!

  2. Great pictures!! I hope you get out of the hospital quickly and everything goes smoothly at the embassy.

    Love, Sara

  3. I think what is amazing is that we can share your experience through technology. I am enjoying the updates. You both look comfortable and calm in your new role as parents!

    Love, Jodi

  4. 3d scanning from Surfdev, a specialist scanning service performed by a reverse engineering company.

  5. Stephanie and Adam
    Congratulations!! I am sooo happy for you both! Micah is beautiful (and I love the name)! I hope you are getting some sleep and I am here if you have any questions!!! I feel like a pro now- Caeleb will be 7mnths next week. I am sure right about now you are completely exhausted and wondering what you got yourself into! HAHAHA You will love no one like the way you will love this little bundle of joy!! Congrats again- keep me posted!
    Keri Rouse