Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Pregnancy

Our pregnancy has been remarkably easy overall, although I'm not sure our surrogate Rajeshree would agree. For a few weeks in the second trimester, Rajeshree's amniotic fluid was a bit low, which was addressed through nutrition and extra rest. Although it has been hard to wait patiently for the monthly and now bi-weekly updates, we've been trying to follow the "no news is good news" philosophy, and trust that our doctors would tell us if something was wrong.

Given how tiny Rajeshree is (probably 4' 9" and 98 lbs), we were fairly shocked to see this photo of her at 6 months pregnant, and to wonder whether we might be having twins and no one told us! But no, it is just a single baby, but he or she is lying sideways. Because of that, he or she will be born by C-section. We'll be flying to India on July 25 and will hope to find out what day the C-section will be before we leave. Once we arrive, we'll also have to find a long-term apartment and aquire some things that we'll need when the baby arrives. If we have time, Adam wants to do some sight-seeing -- perhaps the Taj Mahal and the Himalyas.

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