Monday, July 12, 2010


Can you read his shirt? It clearly spells out what we're in for: trouble!

Mmmmm, spaghetti and meat sauce!

Despite the fact that most of the meal ends up in his lap, and sometimes his hair, Micah's all about self-feeding now!

What an amazing 6 weeks in Micah's life. In early June, he was barely mobile, now he's crawing and exploring everything! His current favorite activity is pulling himself up and starting to cruise, although mostly he's pulling himself up, bobbing back down, and then pulling himself back up, over and over again like the old video game whack-a-mole. We can see the urge to climb isn't far away.... suddenly I'm looking around my house differently, seeing pieces of furniture as ladders; things that used to be set out of his reach are now clearly in his future....
Another big change over the last six weeks has been in the eating department. In early June, he was eating a nice, balanced diet of mushy foods neatly fed to him on a spoon. Now, he's all about self-feeding, and mushy foods are only good if he can pick it up with his fingers. We've introduced lots of new foods, including spaghetti and meat sauce, houmous, pieces of chicken, cantalope, and my favorite, tahini on toast topped with kale (trying to keep getting green veggies in him during this eat-with-the-hands stage is hard!) He is wild about cheerios, and if I need to bribe him to stay quietly in his playpen for half an hour, cheerios is my drug of choice.


  1. He eats well! I haven't eaten breakfast yet and reading through that menu is making me hungry!

    He is just so gorgeous, Steph. Those eyes get me every time.


  2. It's amazing how quickly they start to do things once they realise they can, isn't it?! Taj has finally decided that opening his mouth to let food come in is a good idea, so we may finally progress to some of the exciting items Micah has recently discovered. Had to laugh at Bonjour Parenthood's comment re hair cuts - so when's Micah's first one?? Want a detailed blog post when you take him too.

  3. I love the photos detailing self-feeding. How divine. Time as they say has passed in the blink of an eye it would seem. Micah is so grown up now. You must be so proud of him. Rightfully so too!

  4. Micah is adorable, you're very blessed. And feeding himself is quite a milestone!
    We've already created a "secure area" in our living room that looks like a cell in psych ward so we can turn our backs for one minute if we have to. But the other day, Spiros had climbed up on the sofa, was standing up on it and ready to jump over. So now it's in the pack-n-go if we must leave them for more than a minute. The mobility stuff seems to happen very quickly; it's certainly caught us by surprise.

  5. This kid gets cuter and cuter!!! He does eat well, maybe I will move in with you guys.
    We still need to catch up ...soon!