Tuesday, July 27, 2010


One year ago tonight, we were up late in Mumbai, still adjusting to the time difference, still arguing about what our baby's middle name would be if he were a boy. Waiting for a phone call that didn't come until the next day, I stayed up late googling Indian names starting with a G while Adam slept. Gobi, Ganesh, and Ghandi did not make the cut; the next morning when we learned we had a baby boy, I slipped the original name we had chosen, Gabriel, into the middle name slot on his birth registry.

One year ago, we were blessed with the most extraordinary gift, Micah Gabriel. Every day he continues to amaze and delight us. The sound of his giggles, which are doled out sparingly, make us so happy. We'd do anything for them. The look in his eyes as he is trying to make sense of our words or actions is priceless, and his persistence as he learns new skills amazes us. This week has been sobering as we learned about serious health issues of a friend's two young children, and as we were stunned to hear that one of Adam's daycare classmates, born with serious health issues, had passed away. It made us realize that we can't take one moment of our son's healthy, happy path for granted.

This weekend we'll celebrate Micah's birthday, and our having made it through the first year of his life. It hasn't always been easy, and I've learned previously unknown strengths and skills (like how many things I can do with my non-dominant hand while holding a baby!) but I truly know that every minute has been worth it. We can't wait to see what's on his mind, what his dreams and talents are, and who we become as a result of being Micah's parents.


  1. Beautiful boy. happy birthday!!! That is a stunning photo, but no hard when you have such a gorgeous little boy as a subject. Now you must teach me to type while holding baby : ))

  2. He is just beautiful and I also love this photo of mother and child :)

    Happy birthday Micah!!!!

    What a beautiful post. I'm so happy for you :)


  3. Happy Birthday Micah Gabriel!!
    Steph and Adam: I cannot beleive a year has gone by! You are truly blessed to have each other and your little boy.
    Warm and fuzzy memories...

  4. look at that face! happy happy first birthday Micah!

  5. congrats on making it the first year!


  6. You guys are a gorgeous family! We are mad in love with your little boys eyes. Curiosity will surely meet greatness! Happy Micah Gabriel day!!!!

  7. Happy birthday Micah!!! We're so privileged to have spent some time with you when you were first born, and hopefully we get to do the same in a few years time (in another very hot country). Looking forward to seeing what your grandma comes up with you for this celebration after her fantastic half party for when you turned six months.

  8. What a touching, honest, and true post! So special, and so sweet he is! Happy, Happy Birthday!

  9. What a nice post as part of my blogger catch up session! Everyone else said it, but he really is a handsome little fella! So touching to read...