Sunday, July 18, 2010

Justin Bieber is No More and Fun with Food, Part II

So, in my last posting, some people (ahem, you know who you are, Lisa!) suggested that it might be time for Micah's first haircut. Even though the Justin Bieber look (see photo below) is very popular these days among the skateboard set, I've been agreeing with this idea for weeks. I had actually given Micah a little trim about a month ago, which his daddy told me was too much of a bowl haircut and that I was in charge of no haircuts from now on. So I've been patiently waiting for daddy to give him a haircut.

We misplaced the haircutting scissors and daddy got cold feet, so it was off to Jack and Jill Salon. A very cute place just for kids, with racecars and firetrucks for seats and lots of glittery hair accessories for your little princess. As you can see below, Micah was on his best behavior (definitely NOT the case when I tried to get near him with long pointy scissors!) and enjoyed looking at himself in the mirror.
And the result? We have an official big boy now! Daddy is threatening that sometime soon he wants Micah to have an all-over buzz cut, but he has the most gorgous hair, with beautiful copper highlights, why would you want to trim that all off? An argument that I think we'll continue to have for a while!

Adventures with food continued later in the day. We had a family party at a Chinese restaurant, and I brought along a nice container of cubed beets, sweet potatoes, and toful that Micah happily threw on the floor. I was assuming that he wasn't hungry, and passed him off to my sister, at the opposite end of a long table, to hold for a while.

"Why would they bring me to a Chinese restaurant and not feed me Chinese food?" he asked my sister. "I know!" she agreed, and promptly fed him some lo mein, which he ate by the fist-full! He had to have a little bath in the restaurante bathroom before we could bring him home!

This morning, the adventures in food continued: I was making pancakes with ricotta cheese in them, and was trying to cook while also holding Micah. He reached down and grabbed a big handful of ricotta cheese, which he enjoyed a lot. How are we going to teach this guy how to use a fork and spoon when it is so fun to squoosh food into his mouth with his hands?
However, there's one area where Micah still absolutely refuses to use his hands, and that's with drinking his milk. Occasionally he'll pick up a sippy cup on his own, but for love or money, we can't pursuade him to grip his own bottle of formula. I keep waiting for a burst of "I wanna do it myself, but he seems perfectly happy having someone else hold the cup/bottle for him. I know it is time to transition to a cup from the bottle, but I'm not sure if that will even solve the problem. With the amount of solid food he's eating, formula is definitely less interesting to him, but I know he needs to drink at least 24 oz/day and I think he drinks a bit more from the bottle. I'm also debating keeping him on formula for a few more weeks, even though most people are usually overjoyed to end that expense. We'll be travelling for a week in August, and it seems so much easier to travel with powdered formula rather than carrying around fresh milk on a hot summer day.


  1. He is just so cute - love the before AND after photos.

    You're both blessed and you totally deserve it.


  2. LOL - I don't think I actually said he needed a haircut, but was more enquiring when he'd be heading to the barber seeing all of the boys who are about to turn 1 seem to be doing that lately. And what a great salon!! I'd definitely be happier going to that than facing mum holding something long and pointy at my head. And a word of advice Micah, keep mummy in view so she isn't doing that 'higher' hand signal to the hairdresser behind your back!!

    Our boys are not interested in holding cups either, or eating anything much that isn't shoved into them - so he's doing just great.

  3. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, steph.


  4. Noooo to all over buzz cuts for little boys! What amazing blue eyes he has. Such a beautiful little boy.

    So, you must be about ready to go for baby number 2 ... (ducks)