Monday, July 5, 2010

Arm Wrestling an Octopus

Micah hits the trails again! We were happiest when he was contained in his backpack.
One of the prettiest short hikes I've been on - White River National Forest, Colorado.

Rifle Falls State Park, CO
I guess this is right on developmental cue as we 'round the bases past 11 months and head straight for one year, but Micah officially became a handful this weekend, on our third camping trip of the season. Whereas only 3 weeks ago, we could leave him safely in "baby Alcatraz" in the camper, fenced in by cushions, on this trip we had to set up the pack-and-play in the camper because he's pulling up on everything in sight and the cushions were no longer enough protection. And only 3 weeks ago, we could put him down on the ground to play, on this trip he made a beeline each time to the rocks and dirt, which he would have happily shoved into his mouth by the fistful. What evolutionary sense does it make that human children act so against their own best interest as toddlers? When they are infants, they have all sorts of reflexes that protect them -- the "falling out of a tree and grabbing onto mama mammal's fur" is the one I best remember -- but as toddlers they go straight for the dangerous.
He had a bit of a cold this weekend (which he spread to me, and I've spread it to Adam), making the long weekend exhausting!!! There were lots of diaper and clothing changes, which have now become an ordeal akin to arm wrestling an octopus. I voilated lots of my own rules this weekend, including unbuckling him in his carseat to change his diaper (we were stuck in a huge, non-moving traffic jam on the highway for over an hour, and he had an explosive diaper) and letting him have his pacifier during the day rather than just at bedtime. I'm thinking that camping, while it will be a great family activity in a few years, is just a bit more trouble than it is worth right now!
Mmmmm, sand!
On the plus side, we saw some beautiful countryside, including a triple waterfall, limestone caves, and probably the prettiest 2 mile hike I've ever been on, through a winding valley with a stream curving through the bottom. But let's just say that mommy and daddy will be VERY happy to see our daycare center here on Tuesday morning!


  1. What tremendous views! I love camping and hiking...sadly Paul does not....I hope our kids at least want to try the camping thing....I have many good memories of backpacking through the mountains of Europe and New Mexico as a teenager. I'm sure Micah will learn to love it as much as you both clearly do!!!

  2. Wow! You guys are so adventurous! What amazing countryside. I've been to Colorado once - I've got family there. The countryside blew me away then, and these pictures have taken me right back. Thank you!

    So cool you're creating an eco lover in Micah!


  3. mmm, dirty water, yum yum yum. I guess I have this all ahead of me. New borns are so easy.

  4. I remember the days when I felt fit enough to hike. Yikes! I'm trying to get fit again so I can do all of that good stuff with my kids.

  5. Hey, nice arms! Oh, and the baby is cute too...

  6. Adam will be very happy that his arms are getting fan mail now!!!