Thursday, June 3, 2010

Micah goes camping!

Micah took his first camping trip last weekend to an area in southern Colorado. It was very beautiful, with plenty of lodgepole pine trees, strange gloopy rock formations (including one called Lizard Rock that looked like a giant stegasaurus), and a fast-flowing river nearby. We went with several friends with toddlers, and I for one was glad that Micah wasn't walking yet because I would have been more worried about him wandering off and falling in the river.
This was taken at about 6 am. It was quite cold at night, but got very warm by mid-afternoon -- probably a 50 degree range in temperatures.

Here we are trying to stay warm in our tent. We only stayed one night, because it was so cold and Micah whimpered on and off all night. Not sure if it was because he was cold or teething (tooth #6 is on its way.) We were glad we didn't stay the second night, because apparently it was much colder; our friends reported that their baby wipes froze! After this trip, we purchased a pop-up camper that has real mattresses (so long, air mattress!!) and most importantly, a heater! We're looking forward to many more camping trips this summer!

In other exciting news, there are a lot of new developments this week in Micah-land, although some of them are ones he's come to a bit later than other babies. He's finally crawling for real -- no more going backwards instead of forwards -- and can now seek us out when we put him down and walk away. Watch out, world!!!! He's now figured out how to get from lying down to sitting, and has started thinking about pulling himself up in his crib (but can't quite get there yet.) Another development we're excited about is his ability to hold his own bottle. I know he could do it before, he was just choosing not to. So I finally gave him some tough love and put the bottle down within his reach when he was hungry. How easily babies learn things when they are motivated!
On a final note, a lot of babies are due in India during the next several weeks. I'm overjoyed for each and every one of you, and just want to remind you to document, document, document your tiny bundle. It is hard to imagine, but in just 6 months, you won't be able to remember how tiny they were in their first days, or remember the experience clearly because of the baby brain fog that covers you for a few months. May all the babies wait for their parents to arrive in India, and may all the surrogates have easy deliveries.


  1. Baby Micah is a tropper. I would have been looking for a hotel. I love the photo of the three of you!

  2. Great pics!!!! I wish I wasn't the only camper in my house. I hope our kids are interested...can't wait for those moments!

  3. What a beautiful post - thanks for your shout out, Steph.

    I love the family pic. Looks like contentment personified. :)


  4. Where is Lizard rock? That sounds so familiar!! Did you know that we are coming to Colorado in July?

  5. That place looks amazing. Great pic of the three of you - that one is a framer.

  6. You guys look GREAT!! such trooper..glad your enjoying time well deserved...the pics are great!

  7. Wow, you went camping? I couldn't even imagine such a feat! One, because my husband isn't really a camper, and two...well the visions of Eva finagling a way to get out of a tent and get lost just scares the bejeezuz out of me.

    Mike A.