Tuesday, June 8, 2010

May I now present.....

our own 'lil devil, spawn of Sacks!

This weekend, we graduated to Camping 2.0, featuring our new (17 year old) pop-up camper. Camping 2.0 started off a bit rough, with a long drive to a site I had reserved in advance that ended up being just a parking lot next to a busy road. Luckily, we drove a few more miles down the road and found this lovely (but expensive) site, but not before we also spent another hour stuck on a one-way road from which we couldn't turn around. But, as this photo shows, the story has a happy ending:
Here is camping Alcatraz; Micah's half of the camper. Notice how carefully he's surrounded by cushions to keep him from falling through the cracks? He had so much fun crawling around this big padded space that it was harder than usual to get him to go to sleep, but once asleep he was out until 7 am!
Here's a full view of the camper, with Micah enjoying the little square of astroturf that the previous owners nicely gave us.

And here was his favorite discovery of the weekend:

Oooh, did he get dirty. Guess I better get used to that with a little boy!


  1. aww, looks like you hada terrific time! that dirt looks a bit scary...guess you can't be a germaphobe if you're a mum!


  2. Priceless photos. I can't imagine going camping with a baby, actually I can't imagine going camping at all!

  3. Who doesn't love dirt!?! It was the playstation of my youth!!!! Adorable....and I love the pop up. I've always wanted one of those...but Paul's idea of camping is reading National Geographic while in a hotel.

  4. I saw the camper un-popped-up, and I can't figure out where they hide the door.

  5. Very cute, love the devil hair shot...but where do they hide the door? Does it fold down?

  6. The camper is like a little ship, with everything fitting together and stowing away ingeniously. Since two people asked about the door: The door top is fastened to the top of the camper via wires and snaps anchor the rest of the door to the roof. After you crank open the camper, you unsnap the door and carefully lower it, then slide it across the camper and fasten it into place. Much harder to explain than to do!