Saturday, June 19, 2010


I'm so excited to see this year's "crop" of surrogacy babies. Perhaps I need to get a real life!

Just the other night, Adam and I were sitting to plan the rest of our summer, and I remembered that this time last year, we were anxiously finishing our packing and planning for our trip to pick up our baby. In fact, I think just about this time last year, I was having my last minute panic, writing tigerlilycat so that she could re-assure me that this pregnancy in India thing wasn't just a huge hoax and that there really would be a baby arriving for us.

Fast forward one year, and we have a real, live, growing, and changing little boy in our lives, splashing in the cat's water dish, crawling after us whenever we leave him in one room and walk into another. "This is our life for the next few years," Adam bemoaned, after Micah upended a glass of water onto the floor for the fifth time in two days. Yes, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

No photos today because Micah's got the snotties, with big puffy eyes and grumpy attitude to match.....poor little boy.


  1. Great post. Guess who I have just been emailing and on the phone too. yes, Tigerlily. She even guessed the name we have chosen for a baby girl. She is sworn to secrecy so don't even try it : )))

    12 hours til we check in at the airport. Wow.

  2. This makes me smile. I look forward to writing this exact same post next year! :-)

  3. Isn't it amazing how fast it all goes?? Years and years of planning and before you know it bubs is about to turn one and you're already looking at kindy and school options.

  4. ps - and there's a hint in a very old post on our blog re Amani's girls name if you are so inclined to try to work it out :)

  5. Ooh...a name mystery to solve! I'm off to tigerlily's blog to investigate. I love a challenge! :)

    Hope Micah feels better soon! BTW, my brother's name is Micah. I've always liked that name for a boy or a girl...

  6. I'm happy to let the baby name be a mystery..... expecially since we know it is going to be a boy! Won't that be fun at our Thailand reunion to have a big crop of boys?? ;-)

    BTW, would you all please send your most potent batch of baby dust to a dear friend of mine who is waiting for her pregnancy test? She's gone through hell and high water to have a baby.....

  7. Looking back almost a year sure makes it obvious how time flies! We were lucky enough to spend time with you in India and meet Micah the day after he was born. It is hard to beleive that he will be a year soon!