Thursday, May 27, 2010

10 months/3 years

Yesterday was our 3 year anniversary and coincidentally Micah's 10 month marker... we always take a few minutes to reflect on our gorgous wedding, and discuss the highs and lows of life since we married. This year, of course, we could definitely agree: our proudest accomplishment was our baby boy.
Our anniversary present to each other is going to be a used pop-up camper. We love camping, but Colorado nights are cold in the mountains, so sleeping on the ground isn't that fun. We picture lots of fun family trips ahead, and a camper will make it easier for us to pick up and go.

One slightly worrisome development yesterday: I sent Micah to school with a little egg yolk omlet. He'd had egg yolks once before, hardboiled and mixed with something green, like kale. The reaction he had then was projectile puking, which I chalked up to the weird combination. But no, today there was also projectile puking, so it appears he may be allergic to egg yolks. Hope this isn't the symptom of some bigger allergy issues. He hasn't had any reaction to anything else he's eaten, though of course the choices have been fairly limited. Will have to schedule an appointment to get tested because he's starting to be much more interested in table food and it will be more difficult to control what he eats.

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  1. maybe just stick with egg whites for now?

    Boy, you've done a lot in 3 years! congrats!