Monday, May 24, 2010

Moving Pieces

Vrooom, vroom! Not sure I'm ready for Micah to drive if he can't keep his feet off the steering wheel!
There's a lot of moving going on around me right now -- literally. My parents, who live nearby, are moving to a smaller place next month, and one of my sisters, currently in Philadelphia, is moving here with her family at the end of June. Oh, and in 3 weeks, I'm selling the condo I owned for 17 years in a town that I still love but no longer live in. I'm also in the midst of planning camping trips, business trips, and vacations, but I'm feeling like I'm not doing enough to help my family in all their moving. I know my life isn't that complicated -- life with twins or even two kids seems infinitely more difficult -- but it is a lot to juggle, along with the important work of making friends and connections in our new home town, maintaining our relationship, starting a new business, and making sure that our child's learning and growth continues.
And of course, there's a lot more movement going on at home with Micah. While he isn't quite crawling, he's spinning, pushing himself backwards on his tummy, and reaching for things slightly out of reach and somehow getting them. Now we really have to watch out! The other day, at a birthday party, I put him down on the grass near where some other kids were playing; when I came back a few minutes later, somehow a bagel piece was in mouth. This just after Adam and I had discussed holding off from introducing wheat products for a while longer.

Note the hand in mouth? That's a piece of bagel that some bigger kid dropped!

Later that day, at another party, an older woman scooped Micah up and exclaimed with glee, "Ooooh, you're just so moist and meaty!" Can you see why?


  1. uhm..."moist and meaty?" Seriously? Who says that? But yes, I can see why.

  2. Love that car! Is it yours, or belongs to the house you were visiting? Micah is still super, super cute.