Saturday, May 1, 2010

Precious Boy

I brought Micah home from daycare in this adorable outfit the other day (we were getting snow flurries on April 28!). Adam and I were heading out for our first "date night" in ages, thanks to my mother, but Adam couldn't stop snuggling with Micah and saying "precious precious boy, I don't want to leave you for one minute!" So adorable I had to snap a picture.

Today's exciting news: Locomotion has arrived, albeit unwillingly. Micah was lying on the living room rug, unhappy about being on his tummy, and in trying to get up, he pushed himself backwards onto the hardwood floor. From there on, every push sent him sliding on his tummy backwards until he hit a wall. He was not happy at all about that!

In other developments, a new front tooth has started to poke out, bringing the tooth count to three. So far teething hasn't been bad.... one weekend of crabbiness (unfortunately the weekend we were travelling) and some scattered wakings in the night. Let's hope the easy transition to teeth continues!

Micah's 9 month check-up is coming up next week. He's certainly heavy, and I expect he'll still be at the mid-points for height and weight

Well, someone is up from a nap that was way too short! Gotta go visit Daddy, who is working this morning at the local Farmer's market. His new business was featured in the local glossy mag, 5280:


  1. Adorable! Isn't this a fun stage? Good luck with new business. Although we are vegetarians now, I used to love a nice, juicy salami now and then. 8-)

  2. Micah is SO adorable! I'm sure he is so hard to leave, but it's good you got to go on a date. Those are important too :).

  3. 9 months! well, i can hardly believe it.

    He is such a gorgeous boy. My husband was looking over my shoulder while I checked out your blog this morning, and he said "wow! what big eyes!"

    Big, beautiful, thoughtful eyes.

    Congrats on the tooth and the wriggles!


  4. Sooo for teething...count your blessings. Rose has been driving us insane and Eva did the same. I have the bags under my eyes to prove it!

    And whe are y'all coming back to Beantown so we can have a playdate?

    Mike A.

  5. Michah is still one of the cutest babies I've ever seen, but behind our two of course! Loving that he's worked out the movement side of things, even if it was accidental. Taj log rolls to our hard floors whenever he gets the chance so he can push himself backwards down the hall. Think little brother will be crawling first now as big brother is too busy working out other movement things to worry about leaving the spot. The latest is to do a downward dog yoga pose, pick up an arm and the same leg, do a 90 degree turn and end up sitting. He is SO pleased when he manages this, even more so when he doesn't nose dive into the mat. I really hope Micah decides to do all of these type of movements too as it's just amazing. Very happy to hear that teething has been relatively pain free - hopefully it's like that here too.

    Love the article on the new business, and really REALLY hope Adam leaves that knife at work!!