Friday, October 23, 2009

He smiles with his whole body

Micah started daycare last week, which was a bit sad and (I'll admit) a bit of a relief to have an hour or two after work so I can run an errand or get to the gym. The first week was challenging for him because he has to get used to sleeping and eating with more distraction around him, just as he's starting to be much more aware of his surroundings. He definately didn't do as much eating or sleeping during the day as he would have at home, and unfortunately the fact made itself evident at night -- he had been sleeping for an 8 hour stretch, from 8 pm to 4 am, but this week, he woke up a few times at 1 as well. He's such a good sleeper, though, that he goes right back to sleep. That, combined with needing to get him to daycare a few days before 7 am when I start work left mommy and daddy a bit zonked. Daddy also started a new work schedule last week, and has two days a week where he works 6 am - 6 pm, so if you see a family looking like zombies in the next few weeks, it might not be a Halloween costume. (OK, Adam is actually obsessed with zombies anyway, but Micah has picked out a different costume..... photos to come soon.)
Although we're not going to the fanciest day care on the block, I've been pretty pleased with them so far. The staff spend plenty of time holding Micah and really seem to enjoy being with him. His daily report card on Thursday noted "I like to see him smile. He smiles with his whole body." I did get my first experience with The Call that every parent dreads; a mid-day "please pick up your child, he's sick" call. Turns out that he had spit up several times in the first 3 hours of the day. He wasn't really that sick, so it wasn't a big rush to get him, but Adam had left me without a car that morning, so it was stressful trying to figure out how to get him home (Grandma saved the day! Adam, time to install the car seat base in your car so I can keep my car at home!)
Another sad event last week was that my sister and her family, who had been here visiting for 9 days, left on Monday. We soooooo enjoyed having them here, and it was wonderful to see how "grown up" my 5 year old nephew Logan and his 3 year old sister Natasha were. They loooooved "Baby Micah" and were happy to help feed him his bottle. Baby Micah got out on the town a lot more often during their visit, making trips to the zoo, to Grandma's house, and to a great playground.
Micah's first trip to the zoo!

With Grandma, Grandpa, Logan, Natasha, and Aunt Victoria on our back porch.

Riding the locomotive at the zoo!

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  1. Stephanie - My first peek on your blog since the birth.
    Much congratulations to all three of you. I'll be seeing you in Denver in early December. Ben and Olivia are truly psyched to meet Baby Micah !!
    They talk about him alot.
    We all are OK here back East - it has been an eventful month for me. I closed down the Ritz Filmbill after 21 years. It's like a death. Terrible. I just started getting resumes out earlier this week
    and I'm already getting positive feedback and interviews set up. I might find a new job and career faster than you can say 'Ritz Filmbill"

    Love to all,


    I'm so happy for you all !