Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

Well, Micah wasn't that excited by Halloween this year, but lots of fun was had anyway!

I'm one of those people who would never be caught dead in a holiday-themed outfit, but somehow on a baby, it is absolutely adorable! Thanks to my dear friend Mary Clair for this one!

Micah's first Halloween party!

Getting lots of attention from his cousins Sidney (r), Hannah (middle), and friend.

We had a freak October snowstorm this week in Denver. I skiied 3 miles right from our front doorstep!


  1. he's adorable! such a cute outfit. Happy halloween! x

  2. Happy Halloween. He is such a cutie!

  3. Outfit is available to the next person who can put it to good use....Micah could barely fit into it.

  4. Love the pics! Micah is growing fast! Thank you for your post on our blog, its really helpful. If you later on have more tips&tricks: they're always welcome. Thanks for you address!