Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where did you get those.....

Where did you come from, baby dear?
Out of the everywhere, into the here.
Where did you get those eyes so blue?
Out of the sky as I fell through.

Every day we ask each other whether Micah's eyes are still blue. We expect they will change, but they are still incredibly blue at 10 weeks. Adam's are green with brown around the edges, and there was a lot of blue on his mother's side. From what I've read, eye color genetics is a lot more complicated than those simple diagrams we learned in elementary school led us to believe. I've never been one who was impressed by blue eyes -- never dated anyone with them, never imagined having children with them -- but I have to say that they are pretty striking on my lil' guy!
Not quite big enough for this toy, but daddy improvised a little, and Micah seemed to enjoy it. Mommy will breathe easier when he can hold his neck up just a big better.

This is Adam's interpretation of how to use the Baby Whisperer. I'm not sure that this is exactly what she had in mind......

Quote of the week: "I have a certain sense of style and I"m trying to accomplish something here" -- Adam.


  1. Wow, they are so blue. I wonder if they will change. Nice hat Adam, what exactly is he trying to accomplish? Communion with skunks? : ))

  2. Please ask Adam to let us know whenever he accomplishes whatever it is!

  3. hey guys!!!

    micah looks so cute in the pics

    i hope you and adam r doing grt



  4. Oh My Goodness! Micah is soo adorable. It has almost brought me to tears. I love your blog. Keep the pictures of the cutie coming. Congrats! to you both.

    Greg and Rob

  5. Chef...sorry to say but that hat makes my blood curl. Michah is getting so big!!!