Thursday, October 8, 2009

TGFG (Thank Goodness For Grandma!)

Grandma Judy has been a lifesaver for us -- helping out with babysitting on several workdays before our daycare starts, and giving us several nights out. She rightly pointed out that there aren't many pictures of her on the blog. So without further ado, I present this one. Not the most flattering picture in the world, but she had just slept over so that Adam and I could get a full night's sleep, so I think she looks pretty beautiful. I promise to post some better pictures next week, when family fotog extrordinaire, Aunt ("Hurricaine") Victoria blows into town with cousins Logan, Natasha, and Uncle Darren for a nice long visit.

In other Micah news, his 2 month visit was last week (he was actually 9 weeks old at that point.) He's catching up nicely in some of his growth, weighing in at nearly 11 pounds and 23 inches long, which puts him in the 37th percentile for weight and the 54th percentile for length. (Since these measurements were comparing him to babies who might have been full-term, I'm not sure how much attention to pay to them.) Unfortunately his head still lags behind his body -- his very unscientifically measured head was only in the 2nd percentile for size. We're a little concerned, but hey, somebody has to be in the second percentile. And later in the week, when Adam pulled out a photo of his sister Jaime and realized that Micah has exactly the same shape head, we stopped worrying so much. Jaime turned out pretty good, so we have no fears that Micah will too!

In other big news, Micah slept last night from 10:30 to 4:30! It would have been a bigger cause for celebration if Adam and I hadn't been waking up every half an hour wondering if the baby monitor was broken or if something had happened to him! Hopefully he'll recreate this stunt and give us a chance to get used to it!

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  1. Fully agree with TGFG - but I'm going to extend it to Thank Goodness for Grandpa's too! Fantastic that you've been able to get at least one night of rest.