Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Slow down!!!

Is it just me, or is everything moving too fast! My skills as our family's CTO, CFO, and Chief Cook and Bottle Washer are being tested against my abilty to juggle like a maniac. I'm starting to realize what getting old in a fast-paced world means.We took a step off the merry-go-round this weekend to take a little family excusion to Garden of the Gods, a park just about an hour away from us. Was sure fun to try out Micah's newest mode of transportation, his official hiking backpack.

Gorgous scenery, and it was nice to get outside and unplugged for a little while.
Expecially moving too fast for my taste is my little boy's growth. Seems like he's a different person every single day. Here's a few of my favorite shots from March. The first, Naked Tummy Time, occurred on the day that Micah got some catch-up vaccinations. Doubt you'll see a centerfold model with bandaids and socks in any other cheesecake publication....

Look who rolled himself over during his nap! He hasn't done it while we're watching, but last night, after we put him to bed, Adam and I peeked into his room and watched him spin, rotate, and generally create a little tornado in his crib. It was hysterical.... and showed us the mayham that is soon to come in our lives. Putting up the sides of his crib is high on my to-do list for the weekend.


  1. What cute photos Stephanie. Thanks for the update.

    Your hiking location looks beautiful!

  2. OMG - so cute! I love the naked belly picture. However your Garden of the Gods pictures are making me home sick....... Did you know that Curtis and I lived about a mile away from the Garden of the Gods?