Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ooops I did it again

Remember a few weeks ago when I said that Adam had told me that I was in charge of no haircuts? Well, unfortunately, I just couldn't leave well enough alone. Fresh off a frustrating week in which Micah was banned from daycare not once, but twice due to explosive bodily fluids caused by the transition to milk, I had a little extra time on my hands on Friday afternoon. So Micah and I headed back to Jack and Jill for a little trim. They still had his (adorable) photo on the wall from his last haircut, and I casually mentioned to the new stylist that the last cut had been just a tad too long, and I'd like it just a little shorter this time. Well, before I could realize what was happening, she had the electric clippers out and was sheering my little guy like a helpless lamb, leaving him with what can most generously be described as .......well, there's no generous way to describe it. It's a little 3rd Reich haircut. Waaaah! How's that for a bad attempt at irony, just as he starts off at a Jewish daycare. OK, I know it will grow back, but with a cut this short, it is going to take quite a long time.

And it might seem even longer than it actually is, due to a new development in our house: the arrival of whining. Remember when wine was a beverage you had with dinner, late into the evening? Well, lately we seen to have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not sure why it has developed; I think he might be teething, and perhaps the aforementioned upset tummy isn't helping. Hope the little guy is feeling better soon; we miss our easygoing little guy.

And just so I don't sound ungrateful, I've been so excited this week by the miracle of speech starting to appear. So far we have the words "quack" and "duck" which are hard to tell apart, "hiya" and a little wave that goes with it, and now we also seem to have "gog" which means "frog." It is also so amusing to see new reactions to things. We have a book that has pop-up animals with big, hungry mouths that open up when you turn the page; I've shown it to him a dozen times or more, but this week when I showed it to him there was a little shiver of delighted fear with each turn of the page. He's on the verge of walking too, cruising with a bit more purpose, and realizing that he can reach things that were previously out of reach by climbing on things or stretching even further.

Anyone know where I can get a wig for a 1 year old?


  1. LOL. The haircut isn't as bad as the Britney Spears song reference in your title! :-)
    You'd have to work a lot harder to make him un-adorable!
    It could be worse.
    My Mom used to cut the hair of me and my 4 brothers. Once, she was yelling at one of us while cutting and slipped her hand and her buzzer made a bald patch on the top of my brothers head. We still laugh at that.

  2. One day, my father performed a very special haircut. It is a haircut that all kids who live in Hawaii must have at one point in their life. It is a Hawaii Rite of Passage. It is known throughoutt the islands as the "Ching Ching Bowla" cut. Otherwise known to the rest of the world as "the Bowl cut."

    It's moniker, according to legend, was because the Chinese plantation workers were too cheap to pay for real haircuts.

    I believe this is when my mother locked up all bowls and scissors.

  3. He's a real cutie.

    Are you supplementing the whole milk with any vitamins? We tried a staged transition, a quarter of milk with rest in formula for a few days then increment the milk by a quarter if tolerated and reduce the formula by similar amount. That seems to have gone pretty well so far.

  4. We've backpedaled a bit.... returned to about 90% forumula with 10% milk, and will wait about a week for the next increment. Since Micah's spent 4 days of the last 7 home from daycare, I figure investing in another canister or two of formula is well worth it. Once he does switch to all-milk, you're right, Jon, I think we may need a multivitamin.

  5. We use poly-vit by hi-tech labs it also contains a dose of daily fluoride. Seems to be the preferred brew in this area for the little people. 8)