Thursday, September 16, 2010

Milestones and Frustrations

It has been an interesting, challenging, tiring, and thrilling time here in the Kingdom of Micah. (Stick with me while I vent and I'll reward you with some photos at the end!) We transitioned to a new daycare a few weeks ago -- a big center that comes highly rated by our local quality agency. He's one of the youngest children in his new room -- everyone else is walking and a bit more verbal -- and in the new room (and all toddler rooms) they only offer one nap a day compared to the two and sometimes 3 he was taking at the old daycare. So we probably bit off a bit more than Micah could handle, though, by also trying to transition him to cow's milk from formula at the same time. He had no problem at all getting used to new caregivers and a new room; there was no sign of separation anxiety at all.

BUT.... and this is a big but, he's had some, er, intestinal adjustments ever since all these transitions started.... and each time it happens, daycare calls us to take him home. They have a very very strict policy for sick kids and draw the line at one diarrhea incident, after which he can't return for at least 24 hours. So far they've sent him home I think 3 or 4 times, despite my obtaining notes from our doctor stating that the symptoms in question are being caused by the milk transition, not a contagious disease. I am so lucky to have a job that understands my need to be flexible for my family, and I certainly enjoy spending time with Micah, but after having a very healthy and playful kid home with me for 6 or so days while I'm paying VERY good money to the daycare, I was NOT feeling the love for this new daycare, which is supposed to be inculcating my kid with a values-based education, but was not making me feel kindly towards them.
Today was a nice milestone where he was at the daycare for two continuous days, but only because I took him in late so that he could get the messy business done at home instead of at school. Gross for me, but the rest of the day was phone-call free, at least until they called to tell me that he'd lost his balance and hit his forehead.

No, that does not mean Micah is walking. He stands up well and is balancing without holding onto things for longer and longer stretches, can lower himself down with the grace of a yogi, and has an amazing amount of proprioseption, but is showing no interest at all in walking. That's OK with me -- even though he's heavy, I'm still enjoying carrying him on my hip like a little gorilla baby. Daddy is eager for him to walk, but daddy hasn't the faintest idea of how much trouble that will bring. Even without walking, he's getting into more and more trouble: climbing up onto surfaces not meant to bear his weight, doing pull-ups to reach something on top of our TV cabinet, opening kitchen cabinets to explore what's in. It is going to be a busy time here as we scramble to stay ahead of him!

And below, the promised reward photos from our recent vacation to Massachusetts!

Unimpressed as we take Micah to the spot where we got married a million (I mean 3) years ago...

OK, not a Massachusetts phone..... a trip to our local JCC pool where we met up with a good friend and her newborn baby.

Cute pre-haircut photo that I staged to illustrate the Q page of Micah's ABC book. This is the only photo I had to stage for the purpose of the book!

Micah was not exactly the best company at our long-awaited vacation lobster dinner. Our staging this photo caused quite a few laughs at the surrounding tables.


  1. I am so sorry that you are experiencing daycare difficulties. It is such an important thing, and you want to feel at ease, not stressed. I hope this all works itself out soon!

  2. Nevah a dull moment for sure...

    Have you considered using some of the Enfagrow blends or soy rather than whole milk? He may be lactose intolerant. How does he respond to yogurt?

    Daycare is a mixed bag we have found. The socialization is great, especially for twins who are used to always seeing and playing with their sibling 24/7 so the xposure to others is very welcome. But we also have found that whenever they are in daycare they tend to get hyper-stimulated with all the activity, people, stuff, etc. There doesn't appear to be any quiet time at these centers. So when they are home on the weekends they go bonkers because we can't provide them with enough stimulation. I'm not sure I want them so stimulated all the time; especially given the increase in ADHD in youth populations these days and the inability of researchers to pinpoint the causes.. A friend who is a child psychologist recommened that we avoid daycare centers until at least age 2 because it's only at that age that they really benefit from all the activity and socialization. We are seriously thinking about that.


    PS - he is quite a cutie!

  3. Sorry you're having poopie issues. There are plenty fo brands of Soy and Rice milk that have just as much calcium and vitamin D as cow's milk, so you might want to try that if he continues to have issues with cow's milk.
    Love the pictures!


  4. He just gets cuter and cuter every post. Dang that's a lovely looking lobster. Did he eat it all?

  5. Love the Lobster photo! We had lobster for Granny's birthday a while back...the girls were not loving it. Maybe it's a grown up thing.

    Sorry to hear about the milk. We were lucky, no issues on this side. The poopie diaper issue is not fun and you get our sympathies on that one. ICK!