Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can I just say....

..... you guys (my regular readers, and you know who you are!) rock my world. How wonderful to be able to take something so deeply personal, something that I labored over in private for months and months, share it with all of you, and get so much lovely feedback.... all in a matter of hours! I always appreciate when people leave me comments, but I wanted to tell you that this was especially welcomed.
Jon, to answer your question, the album was created using a surprisingly powerful but easy-to-use program called Scrapbook Max, and all of the "elements" (paper, do-dads, picture frames, etc.) were downloaded for free (yes, you will definitely need an extra hard drive if you get into this hobby seriously, and after all the technical delays I experienced over the last two days, you will also need a computer with some serious horsepower. I intend to treat myself to one, along with some photo editing software.....Hey, if you can't show yourself the love on Valentine's day, when can you?) If anyone has more questions, feel free to e-mail me at


  1. Oh that's very sweet! I for one always enjoy reading your posts. They are always very cerebral and also come from the heart. The scrapbook is the piece de la resistance fer sure. Thanks for the info on what you used to do it. Great job Stephanie!

  2. thank YOU for sharing it with us. xxx

  3. hey steph!!!!

    its been a long time since i wrote,
    hope all the three of you are doing great!!