Sunday, February 14, 2010

A big fat sloppy kiss

Well, I've experienced a few of those in my lifetime, but not quite like the one I got from Micah the other day. Because his cheeks are so damn yummy, I'm always fake-nibbling and kissing them.... and now that Micah has discovered the concept of putting things in his mouth, he's reciprocating! I'm not entirely sure he's doing it on purpose, but even if he does have another cold, I let him plant a wet one right on my cheek. (Putting mommy's nose in your mouth, while also cute, is less acceptable.)

I just realized we haven't taken any photos in February.....time to get out the camera! If for no other reason than the fact that I have a new haircut and new sparkly earings from my sweetie, and our little baby is turning into a little boy faster than you can say "Passage to India."


  1. So sweet. My niece used to try to suck my nose .. all of it - gross.

  2. We definitely need a picture of Micah eating your nose!

  3. how cute. one of our boys gives grandma his "hannibel lechter" routine now and then but never with males. maybe it's a female thing.