Sunday, January 31, 2010


Adam accuses me of being a "glass half empty" person (OK, he might be justified at least half of the time) but this was a half-way point that we could agree to celebrate. Our family had a little party, complete with half-cake (thanks Aunt Jackie!) but 100% of the love and attention to the guest of honor. Micah enjoyed hanging out with cousins Rachel and Sarah, playing on Grandma Judy's exercaucer which is different from the one we have at home. He looked at everyone and everything as if it were completely new, which, if your little mind is growing and changing every day, I guess it is.

Even though he didn't have any of the cake or ice cream (thank goodness since it was coffee!), the afternoon was a bit overstimulating, and the smiling, happy baby in this picture dissolved into an inconsolable mess just two hours later. Looks like we need to move bedtime from 7 to 6:30.....

TThe other half of this sign is waiting for his official full birthday! Isn't grandma creative?
Some stats from Micah's 6-month check-up: He's currently 16.4 lbs, in the 28th percentile for weight, and 26 and a bit inches long, in the 67th percentile for length. He's still in the 1st percentile for head circumference, but the doctor says it is fine because he continues to follow the same growth trajectory as other babies, just under the line. He survived getting 4 shots at once, but that was only part of what he needed to get -- we've decided to split the shots up, so he'll need to go back for some follow-up shots over the next few weeks.

This little outfit looked so cute on him -- brown and blue bring out his gorgous eyes and reddish brown hair. The sentiments on it become truer every day -- he is his mommy's little treasure (and his daddy's buddy.) We both love kissing his chubby cheeks, and making him giggle by nuzzling his neck. He's standing with more confidence every day, still showing no interest whatsoever in rolling or crawling. He loves his bouncer, and we thought that he'd happily bounce all day if we let him.... until we left him alone for a while, and came back to find this sight:

Gotta nap when the urge strikes you!


  1. LOL at the bouncer picture, and love the idea of celebrating a half birthday. Are his eyes still that amazing vivid blue? I haven't been able to tell with the last two lots of photos...

  2. Yes, amazingly, his eyes are still blue: darker on the outside, light blue on the inside. Of all the things I considered when we chose an Indian egg donor, blue eyes and light reddish-brown hair were not even on the list....

  3. Wow, did he really fall sleep in the bouncer? Hahaha. Little cutie.

  4. Oh, he is just so cute! Happy half birthday!

    You all look so happy. Long may it continue.


  5. Happy 1/2 birthday! I was fortunate to be with you hours after you were born and now I wonder where the time has gone.