Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Micah is suffering from his first bad cold. It isn't that bad -- just a hacking cough and stuffy nose, but it led to a few other firsts:
  • first time being cranky at bedtime;
  • first time being clingy and inconsolable;
  • first time not having 4 full bottles during the day and consequently first time (in a few months) of needing a 3 am feeding;
  • first time mommy gets to juggle sick kid who can't go to daycare and trying to work.
Sadly, this has also coincided with first real tears. It is much harder to ignore a crying child with real glistening tears in his eyes!

Daddy and Grandma kept asking me to call the doctor yesterday. I knew there the only prescription was going to be a humidifier and elevating the head of his bed, but I humored them and called. Nope, no miracle cough medicine has been approved for babies. Poor little guy just has to tough it out. We're a bit sleepless and cranky too, Micah, and I think you gave mommy some germs 'cause my throat hurts today.

One happier first over the weekend: Micah has been trying to take charge of his own feedings lately, trying to control when his bottle is in his mouth and when it isn't, and this weekend he was able to hold the bottle on his own for short periods. He can't quite control the angle of the bottle, but I'm cheering any step toward self-feeding. We still haven't started him on "solid" foods yet; that may come this weekend depending on how he feels. Daddy is really reluctant to start, while Grandma's been pushing for it since day 1.

We have no sign of rolling over or crawling yet, but he's loving standing up in his bouncy seat, in the activity saucer, and supported by mommy or daddy.


  1. Oh Steph, know exactly what you're going through! First time our bundles of joy aren't their normal happy selves is hard. Taj ended up on a liquid anti-biotic as his cough was so severe, but other than that we also found BabyBalsam by Vicks (it's a chest rub) works really well. Can you get something like that there?

  2. Poor thing (you and him :-). It is no fun to see a little one sick. Vicks has my vote - it can never hurt. I also put it on the bottom of the kids feet, then socks. Read about it and it seems to work. Hope he feels better and you all recover.

  3. P.S. Vicks has a infant formula. And "little noses" works charms, although the kids hate it!

  4. Stephanie
    Six months sounds a little late to not have started solids? What does your pedi think? We started at months 3 and 4 respectively and that's their preemie ages...

  5. We know the decision to start solids is very personal. My husband teaches human nutrition at a university, so he is opinionated on food-related issues. The criteria he was using was ability to sit up more or less unassisted, reduction in the "extrusion reflex" (tounge thrusting things out of the mouth), and need for more calories. Solid food really isn't needed before a year from a nutritional perspective, but it is important to get a baby used to new flavors and textures and the ability to chew. We're going to start him on thinned-down avocado first, then some yellow veggies (sweet potatoes, carrots), then maybe rice cereal in a few more weeks. Apparently babies don't really have the enzymes to digest grains until about 6 months, and some people think that starting grains too early can lead to formation of fat cells that can become a problem later in life.

  6. Good to know your hubby is a resource on nutrition! We followed the reqs of the pediatrician who as you know follows the Groupthink on such issues.
    We started rice cereal first, then switched to oat cereal. They liked the oat cereal better. From there we graduated to the orange veggies then the green veggies, etc. I have to say they enjoy their solids. But the little guy fills up on the solids and then doesn't want his formula so we have cut back on the amount of solids we give him. Christopher on the other hand eats EVERYTHING we put in front of him but more and more he cuts back on his formula, which is a good thing in his case (97% for weight)
    If there is one thing I MUST RECOMMEND it's the Beaba. We love ours and have a lot of fun making the boys their food. It's the one splurge thing we do for them that we all enjoy: buy some good organic veggies at Whole Paycheck and then use the Beaba to prep them. Definately check it out at your local Williams-Sonoma, that's usually where they sell them in person.
    Bon appetit!

  7. Micah is so adorable! I love when you puy up pics! We just returned from India and had memories of our pizza night together.

  8. (two weeks later...) Enough "Firsts" already -- what's next?? Loyal fans are getting impatient. Did he get over the cold?