Monday, September 14, 2009

Babies are like cats...

A funny IM exchange with a friend from work earlier this week:

Friend: So is motherhood everything you expected it to be?
Me: It is surprising how much you can love a little blob who is basically doing nothing but sleeping, eating, and pooping; and amazing at how you don't mind all those sacrifices. We spend lots of time just talking about what a great kid he is, how lucky we got....
Friend: I always think about how much I love my cat with such an irrational force I can't even imagine having a baby and what that would be like!
Yeah, it's actually a lot like that, except babies need more help wiping their @ss! It will be really cool once he starts reacting more to the outside world and us...
haha I bet
My current cats aren't nearly as loving as my last cat was, so Micah is a lot more satisfying than my cats right now. When I'm feeding him and he's locking eyes with me, it is one has ever looked at me like that!
Not even Adam??

Alas, no....
He's never depended on me for his next meal!


  1. How funny that this similarity is mentioned..I woke this morning to a yucky pile of cat vomit due to molting & said to Darren that we're practising for when Noddy joins our family....

  2. I had a fat cat who needed help wiping her @ss.