Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Aunt Jamie and More Anne Geddes

Showing off my new turtle shoes (thanks Aunt Jackie!)

An Anne Geddes moment ..... how does she camophlage her hands?

We had an awesome visit from Adam's sister Jamie last weekend. She helped celebrate Adam's birthday and enjoyed every last moment with Micah. We can't wait until Micah gets to meet his cousins Jacob and Matthew (who, we just found out, shares the middle name Gabriel with Micah). Above, Aunt Jamie didn't want to put Micah down for a second!

At Washington Park, over looking the lake where Michah's great-grandparents got engaged!

Beautiful gardens at Wash Park.

A little Anne Geddes moment.


  1. He is the most gorgeous cutest little boy! Such chubby little cheeks.

  2. SO adorable!!!

    - Nicole