Sunday, February 19, 2012

32 Months

Feel like I've been slipping in documenting the ongoing Cuteness that Is Micah.... maybe because we're too busy trying to keep up with him to document! Some highlights from the last 2 months:

1) You love using wooden blocks and toddler-sized legos to build. Your usual request is for help to build "a zoo" to enclose your assorted plastic animals or "a towah" to reach as high as you can.
2) You want to eat whatever we're eating, unless it is spicy, and want to be involved in our cooking.
3) In the bathtub, you fill a container with water and then offer it to us to eat "spicy blue cake."
4) Your ideal ANYTHING is blue. When we ask you what kind of dog you want, your answer is "Bluuu" even though you have a pretty extensive vocabulary. When I told you you could bring one stuffed animal on our next trip, you immediately asked for a Bluuuu giraffe. Uhm, I actually meant a stuffed animal you already own.
5) You love to sing. Current favorites are a melange of Old Macdonald with B-I-N-G-O.Wheels on the Bus is still on your hit parade, too.
6) You REALLY want to wear underwear like daddy, but have no interest in the potty. Instead, you ask to wear a pair of red shorts that I told you was underwear on top of your diaper, often under pajamas or jeans. You know that there are treats in store when you sit on the potty, but still not interested.
7. When we drive home from daycare, you want to know where everyone is at that moment -- where's daddy, where's grandma, etc.
8. You're so interested in noises, and want to know what every noise inside or out is.
9. You know that when we shut the engine off of mommy's car but leave the lights on, the sound that the car makes is "Turn-the. Lights-of. Turn-the. Lights-off."
10. Grandma is your very special buddy. Every time I ask you what you dreamed of, you say "Grandma."
11. On our recent vacation to Mexico, you learned to say "Hola" and "Buenas Dias."
12. On our first night, when we were staying at a hotel before driving to our beach cottage, you kept insisting "I want to go to Mexico!" We kept trying to explain that were were there already.
13. You really wanted to be buddies with the 5-year old staying a few doors down from us, but he really had no interest in playing with you. That didn't stop you from following him around, though!
14. You made everyone laugh at the restaurant we went to that was having an open mike night by dancing in a different style each time you went back and forth.
15. You made mommy and daddy laugh when you asked Adam to get out of the beach chair he was in, then made him give you the book he was reading, then you pulled the chair closer so you could push Mommy in the hammock, as Adam was doing before he was usurped.
16.You were a great traveller - napped on the airplane after the initial excitement was over, eating new foods and sleeping in new beds. Even let us leave you with a babysitter one night who only spoke spanish.
17. You amaze us with your memory. Recently we went to a restaurant and after we were finished, you kept asking about the waitress giving you a rink. It took us a while to remember that the last time we were there, at least 5 months ago, the waitress had given you a candy ring.
18. You've become a little mimic. Daddy was telling someone a story and shouted "don't do it, Man!" as the punch line; you now use that line appropriately, even adapting it to "don't do it, Lady" when talking to a woman.
19. I'd say you have a pretty bad vitamin addiction, perhaps because you don't get too many treats and the vitamins are candy-like. In mexico, you got a lot of popsicles, though!
20. You know the correct answers to the following series of questions:
Who is older, mommy or daddy? Who is prettier, mommy or daddy? Who is smarter, mommy or daddy (OK, this one is subjective, but since he answered "mommy" I'm going to say he was correct!) and Who is funnier, mommy or daddy (definitely daddy.)
21. You tell everyone "Daddy is a chef" and when asked what mommy is, reply "mommy is a very good cook!"
22. Bedtime is stretching a bit later these days, sometimes 8 pm, but you're sleeping a little later in the morning, too. But you're always happy to go to bed and sleep with the room pitch dark, as long as you have your pacifier and blanket.
23. You're very cuddly when you just wake up, particularly from a nap.
24. You've learned the word "no" but are mostly a very cooperative boy, eager to do whatever mommy and daddy are doing.
25. Except use the potty.

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  1. He's a little boy!!!! Wasn't he just a baby yesterday? I feel like our girls are catching up too!