Monday, August 8, 2011


pimp my baby.....
Vrooommmm! Daddy's "my-come" going for a ride in the garage. Yes, that is a naked boy on the motorcycle....nothing comes between me and my "mycome! "

That loud THUnk you heard on Sunday afternoon? That my friend was the sound of the future being ushered in by our son. We had just settled down after a hot and sweaty bike ride -- Micah for a nap, and Adam and me for a nice quiet lunch. A quiet that was disturbed by the aforementioned Thunk. We instantly knew what it was, even as we were racing to his room, even as we were thinking to ourselves "but he's never tried to climb out of his crib before." The crying we heard when we got to his room proved what we already knew.... he had somehow climbed out of his crib and landed on the floor.

What could have caused him to do that? He actually seemed to be mostly asleep even through his tears. Was he dreaming of his successful climb of the monkey bars at our local playground only a week ago? Was he dreaming of trying to get into the front seat of the car to pretend to drive? Sure, there have been other "big boy" signs that we've gotten recently..... in fact, earlier that day I had purchased the next biggest sized diapers for him and, strolling through the baby aisle, realized that we wouldn't be needing anything from that section (except for diapers) any more. And he's started to demand a big fork when he sits in a big chair at the dining table -- not even a salad fork will do. Regardless, I thought I had a few more months to enjoy the safety and peace of mind of the crib. But that was all left behind by that loud Thunk. If he could do it once, even in his sleep, he could do it again. No sooner were the tears dried than we started planning a trip to our brand-spanking new Ikea to buy a big boy bed.

But even that plan was put into fast motion. Later that day, on our way to go out to dinner, Adam excitedly pulled a U-turn, exclaiming "Look, a car bed!" Silly me, I thought he was directing my attention to some flatbed, it was a bed in the shape of a car, bound to delight a transportation-crazy little boy (and his daddy). And for $10, the bed was ours, and the crib dismanted before the day was done. Micah actually did a big ol' happy dance when it arrived in his room -- I thought that was just a figure of speech, but now I know it is something that 2 year olds actually do (along with melting spaghetti imitations, but that's a story for another day.)

I hope that its a long time before he has a pretty blond in his bed again!


  1. too cute.....we have a climber as well....hope she doesn't test the laws of gravity too soon!!!
    That bed is AWESOME...yet another child product that should be made in adult sizes! :-)

  2. So how did he go sleeping in it? All good I hope. We're keeping our guys in grobag's for a bit longer for this exact reason. When they manage to climb out when they're in a sleeping bag they definitely deserve a car bed too!!

    And so funny that we all knew what was coming by the title of this post before even reading it.

  3. Oh Boy he has grown so much. Love love love the pimp kid pic, that's one to keep and bring out at his 21st!

    Toby's used to the THUNK, he's fallen off the bed many times now he's a pro. No climbing out of a crib, he never go in it. Ah, the joys of co-sleeping.

    That bed rocks BIG time!

    Meg and Tobes xxxx

  4. Both girls discovered gravity...and never did it again. However, we are not nearly as brave as you to try the big bed yet...they'd open the doors and climb into bed with us.

  5. I'm still laughing! Many of us are in the same boat.