Tuesday, March 29, 2011

20 @ 20

At 20 months, you are:

  1. Obsessed with shovels. You notice them everywhere, even calling your spoon a "shi-va," and want to spend every minute in the backyard dragging one of our big sharp tools around.

  2. The only thing you like as much as shovels is sticks. Expecially waving them around the house.

  3. Ask for "boots" as soon as you wake up in the morning. (that's books, not footwear.)

  4. Will eat brussel sprouts, bean sprouts, asparagus, and any other veggie, often before other toddler-friendly food.

  5. But meatloaf is your favorite dinner. Just like your daddy.

  6. Still lay down and go to sleep as soon as we put you in your crib. And we're still amazed, each and every time.

  7. Ask to go "ou-dide" at 7 am every morning.

  8. Were amazed when we went out one morning this week into a short-lasting snowstorm. You learned the words "snow" and "crow" that morning.

  9. As soon as the word "school" is mentioned, you ask about your favorite buddy, "Ally."

  10. Are happy to be dropped off at school, particularly if you get first dibs on the schoolbus toy in your room.

  11. Have started singing the Twinkle Twinkle with mostly nonsense words and a few syllables of recognizable words.

  12. Know the shapes for hearts and stars and can say the words. Circles and squares, not as interesting.

  13. Got a new trike from a neighbor and love to be pushed around on it (pedeling can wait, it seems.)

  14. Love getting horseback rides from daddy, and giggle uproariously, but get jealous if mommy tries to get in on the action.

  15. Will politely tell us "all done" and hand us every item on your plate as soon as you decide the meal is over.

  16. Know how to ask "pssss" for something you really want, but get frustrated if we don't know exactly what that is.

  17. Immediately answer "no" to any question we ask you, as if you've given the matter great thought.

  18. Love to have Grandma visit and give her a big hug. You'll occassionally give kisses on request too.

  19. Imitate us frequently, like when we wink at you and you try to wink back.

  20. Make us laugh and smile and glow with pride every single day.


  1. Micah is oh so gorgeous, and oh so clever! Eating greens and conversing with you? Well done!! Alex has finally decided to speak with "who's that?" the most frequent thing out of his mouth. Taj is still very happy babbling to himself. Think we might need to borrow Michah for a lesson or two...

  2. Eating greens, well done! Love the big hole he dug with his shovel!

  3. What a great list! I need some gardening done and have plenty of shovels to choose from...just sayin! :-)

  4. can't wait for the truck phase, the fireman phase, the train phase, the emergency vehicle phase...boys are great!

  5. What a honey. I loved this post.