Monday, February 7, 2011

Busy boy

I think we're finally out of the winter doldrums here.... poor unreasonable little boy had an ear infection last week which is finally better, and Adam caught Micah's cold and nursed it far longer, as we adults usually do. With everyone finally better, and with the construction project in our house finally wrapped up, we were ready for some fun this weekend. In one tiring day, we took Micah sledding for an hour, and then after his nap, I took Micah and his 5 year old cousin to our Children's museum. I now have the utmost respect for parents of 2 children -- it was an exhausting two hours trying to keep my eyes on two children at once! Later that evening, Micah and Adam kicked it watching the Superbowl together.

Adam's Superbowl party, hangin' with the boys....Micah and his cousin Ben.

Sledding... Micah wasn't too sure he enjoyed it.

Adam trying to catch big air.

Micah's new favorite toy... looks like he's doing some geneology research there.
Micah just hit the 18-month mark. He's still tracking along his growth curve, at about 10th percentile for weight, 40th percentile for height (poor boy has the wrong genes for height.) His eyes are still blue, but with more of a greenish tint, so he'll have no trouble with the girls (or boys...whatever!) Of course, Mommy still thinks he's very smart. He loves trying out new words -- my favorite right now is "hay-co-co" for helicopter -- and every night grabs my hand and insists on "boots," leading me to his room to sit in my lap and read books. He loves any technology, and has learned how to crash computers and pick up any telephone-shaped object to say "hiya" . He loves his daycare, and at the end of the day he loves to go into every empty classroom and say "bye" to everyone. He's still a good eater, saying "apple" to signify that he's hungry (or that he actually wants an apple!) and he'll eat most foods that we eat. He loves to have music playing and to dance with us; to get horseback rides from mommy and daddy; to splash in the bath; and to snuggle up with his "na-na" and pacifier at the end of the day. Other new tricks: learning to wink, asking "peasssss" when he really wants something, sitting in a grown-up chair to eat. We seem to spend most of our time just watching him in amazement and grinning in pride at what a little person he's becoming!


  1. He is adorable! Thanks for the update.

  2. Just cute as can be! Glad to hear he's your typical lil boy running and playing, especially keeping mommy and daddy busy. Good to know things are getting back to normal and no sick parents or children :)

    Nice update.

  3. Looks like he's going to be a techie and a handsome one at that!

  4. You son is growing too quickly. He is truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing your update with us!