Monday, October 4, 2010

Autumn sights and sounds

It has been a lovely, warm fall here and we're trying to take full advantage after August's heat and September's day care/diaper mess. Micah continues to be a gentle, loving, easygoing little boy, as long as he gets enough sleep and lots of food! Within the last 2 weeks, he went from no walking to some tentative steps (only when one of us holds at least one hand); it is only a matter of days before he forgets to plop down to the ground and crawl when he wants to go somewhere.

We're also enjoying Micah's newly learned playfulness. He's starting to find it funny when Adam "wrestles" with him, and will also play peek-a-boo type games. Thankfully, mischieviousness has not yet arrived, though I have no doubt it will, knowing that he's Adam's progeny. A few days ago, he discovered this box full of packing foam, and amused himself for a long time in it.

And words! Words, words, words, a new one appearing every few days. I've noticed that when he gets a new word, a very similar sounding word often appears a few days later. This weekend, it was "apple" (pronounced "ah-puh") one day, then the next, when he heard a low-flying plane overhead, "ah-pun." Sooo cute! He definitely meant different words, and when we were outside at a harvest festival, he turned his head upwards every time a plane flew overhead. I don't remember specifically using that word, but his new daycare has a retired DC-9 in the playground (they use it for a kindergarden classroom), so perhaps he learned it there.

This weekend we went to a little pioneer pumpkin festival held near our house. Micah enjoyed seeing the farm animals up close, though he didn't seem to associate the giane working horses with one of his other recent words, "neigh." (I made up a little song that goes "The duck says 'quack,' and the cow says 'moo,' and the horse says 'neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh" -- even before I get to "quack," he starts singing the neighs.)

He sure looks like a little boy in this picture and not a baby anymore....(do you hear mommy crying just a little?)


  1. Oh what a sweet little boy, yes he is looking like a little boy now, baby is fading. Isn't it great to watch them grow up, discovering new things every day. Love the packing box pic.

    Hi Micah, Toby says "Oooooh aaaaah".

  2. He's a gorgeous little boy, Steph. You all look so happy. :)

    And language! Language! That must be ver special.


  3. Look at longer a baby! The picture with the pumpkin really show cases what a big boy he is now.

  4. He is a little man, isn't he!
    He's growing up quickly.

  5. Stephanie,
    You always take the cutest pictures of Micah!! I love it. That last picture with the pumpkins is absolutely adorable.

  6. We know ALL about little men suddenly taking up residence!! It feels like nothing is happening for ages and they're just babies and then - boom - little people are your housemates instead. Michah is, as usual, just gorgeous. And so talented with his speaking. Alex is stuck on cat and Taj is still working on sounds, with screaming at the top of his lungs a current favourite. Wrestling is also a daily occurence in our house.

  7. ps - and have you had all your hair chopped, or is it tied back?

  8. Hey Stephanie!
    I just realized I hadn't checked in on your blog for awhile. Micah is beautiful! And sounds like you guys are doing well. I sent you a note back from my blog re: apartments, but I found your email so I'll write you there.
    Talk to you soon.