Friday, August 20, 2010

My little fantasy......

Adam and I have this little fantasy idea that when Micah is 10 or 11, we'll take a year off and travel 'round the world together. Of course, we'll be quite ancient by then and perhaps not even up to it; and of course the demands of life might get in the way too. It is something fun to think about, but I know it may never actually happen. But lately, when I look at all the places in the world where my blog is being read, I expand my little fantasy to think that our trip around the world will involve stops to visit our surrogacy friends world-wide. Wouldn't that be fun? Well, this weekend, as part of our week-long trip to Boston, a little piece of my fantasy actually happened: we had a get-together at the home of The Mikes, and included Deenah and Mike, the A Distant Miracle folks Geoff and Sharon, and another couple who are just starting to consider surrogacy in India. It was quite fun meeting some of this little community of ours face-to-face, and comparing our experiences and our babies' development. Will post a few photos when I get home.
Micah's been a great traveller on this trip, happily going down to sleep in 3 different houses in the first three days. By the 4th day, he was crawling up the long stairway in the house we're staying at, going right to the laundryroom where his pack n' play was stationed, finding a paci under the bed, and settled down immediately. We've trucked him around town to show him off to many of our friends, and he's put up with long car rides and uncreative meals with mostly good humor (the expensive and long-awaited lobster shack dinner was another story, however; it was much too long of a day and we just didn't get to enjoy our lobster like we should have.) Lobster incident aside, the only other tough time was the flight: he was pretty inconsolable for 2.5 out of 3.5 hours. I thought the TV would distract him and that having his own seat would assure a long nap, but it didn't seem to work that way. Hoping that the evening flight back tomorrow is less memorable.
Some random things I'm loving about Micah at 13 months:
- the way he talks to himself, with high trills, gurgles, and other sounds that adults can't even imitate
- the way he'll hook his hand around the back of my arm when I'm holding him on my hip, like a little baby gorilla
- the fact that his first word was "uh-oh" followed by "quack-quack" and "duck"
- the way he lets out a little laugh when you put him down to a nap, like he's been looking forward to it for hours
- the way he'll try just about any food, and hasn't had allergic reactions to anything (not liking the fact that he's just as happy shoving dirt or sand in his mouth as any of the healthiest foods we've offered.... and we had a very sand-filled dirty diaper to prove that some of it is actually being swallowed.)
- the look of wonder in his eyes when I poke my head into the back seat and he realizes he's not alone in the car; also, his great interest in all animal sounds, particularly the lion's ROAR.


  1. Awww. He is so precious! I love the gorilla hold too - one of my favorites! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  2. Oh I am so jealous! I share your fantasy too, but am probably too old for it. And i want another baby sometime (next year) (maybe) (hmmm, what am I thinking!)

  3. We want photos!!! So where's next on your virtual trip? And how was the flight home? Regardless, sounds like you had a ball and it was all worth it.

  4. It will be so much fun to show our kids the world. We can all meet in Europe in 10 years with passports in hand and see where the wind blows!

    Sounds like a blast at Mikes. Have a safe trip home.